Jun 01, 2020

Top 10: Best commercials of 2014

Top 10
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Top 10: Best commercials of 2014

Over the past few years, television commercials have been quietly evolving from inconvenient interruptions to wonderful nuggets of entertainment we actually seek out online and share with our friends—and sometimes we even choose to watch in leiu of exercising our right to fast forward on the DVR.

My, how times have changed. 

The December 2014 issue of Business Review USA touched on this evolution by featuring two campaigns from HONEY MAID and Budweiser. These memorable commercials focused more on advocating than just advertising—and remained entertaining. The article, "Commercials with a Conscience," can be found here.

While we applaud corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the positive path most advertisers are taking, the commercials on the following list were chosen for one simple reason: they were fun to watch.** We related, we laughed and we definitely hit "rewind." 
**Note: While ratings, views, reviews and other legitimate statistics were considered, personal opinions and made-up stats were much more important. 

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10. AT&T Network Experts: "Office" 

Not exactly inspiring and there is certainly no socially-responsible message in this one, but it does make us laugh and the story is relatable—anyone who has ever worked in a corporate office knows an IT guy just like that one.


9. Bud Light Up For Whatever: "NBA All Star"
Who wouldn’t want to be swept away to a town built solely for awe-inspiring, once-in-a-lifetime entertainment? Picking which specific ad should represent the "Up For Whatever" campaign in this article came down to just two factors: number of views (yes, real stats) and number of athletic legends (that one's proprietary). Admit it: Sports fan or not, spending the day with these icons would indeed be pretty freaking cool.

Click here to check out the latest edition of Business Review USA!


8. Gatorade Sweat it to Get It: "Slap ft. Cam Newton"
Anytime we can laugh at real people in ridiculous situations, we’re in. The customer's reaction to the clerk's response is funny enough, but it's Cam Newton's role that makes the commercial one to rewind and watch again. 

7. GEICO Did You Know: "Pinocchio was a Bad Motivational Speaker?"

Once again, this was a tough call, as GEICO also made a few versions of this ad, each with its own comedic value. The Pinocchio version, however, had the most views on YouTube (real stat alert), and the Disney-loving child still living inside wouldn't have had it any other way.

6. Samsung What You Really Need

We understand this is the older version of Samsung’s Kristen Bell / Dax Shepard campaign but we like this one better…. (see above note regarding weight of personal opinions). Not only did we laugh and feel connected to the actors (our new besties), we also had an inherent need to buy everything in this commercial, 


5. McDonald’s GOL! FIFA World Cup

This one is pure magic—inspiring, entertaining and completely mesmerizing.

As excepted, the top spots on our Top 10 list are dedicated to the campaigns featured in last month’s Marketing article, "Commercials with a Conscience." In case you missed it, you can read the feature here—after you check out the videos below, of course.

4. Budweiser Global Be(er) Responsible Day: "Friends are Waiting"
Don’t drink and drive or your adorable puppy will be alone and sad forever." Ok, there’s more to it than that:

3. HONEY MAID This is Wholesome 

Celebrating diversity in America by showcasing real wholesome families. This campaign just makes us smile. 

2. HONEY MAID This is Wholesome: "Love"

...but not everyone agreed, so in response to negative reactions from the first ad, HONEY MAID produced a second. 
Take that, haters. 

1. Budweiser Puppy Love

You had us at puppy

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