Jun 01, 2020

Top 10 best companies to work for

Boston Consulting Group
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Top 10 best companies to work for


  1. Software firm SAS makes the number one spot and has been providing software solutions since 1976 in Cary, NC. The company’s website offers just a small peek into SAS’ employee perks that also branch out to their families and retirees. Some of which include adoption services, eldercare, separation and divorce, daycare, retirement plans, and on-site health care. Other special perks that SAS offers is a vast, ever changing, café menu with extremely affordable prices (we’re talking $3.75 for a shrimp and vegetable stir fry); book exchange for leisure reading; on-site hair salon; car detailing services; exclusive SAS Family discounts at area businesses; massage therapy, and skin and nail services; racquet stringing services, along with a recreation and fitness center (RFC); and others. Health incentive perks a Commit to Quit tobacco-free program, rewards for long-distance exercise, weekly exercise programs, and RFC Dollars that earn prizes for healthy well-being.  
  2. Global management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group tops the list because of employee development, extensive training, collaborative work environment and socially responsive initiatives, especially within the LGBT community and global philanthropies like the U.N. World Food Program and Save the Children. The diverse company employs 45 percent women and 27 percent minorities. 
  3. Supermarket chain Wegmans Food Market not only serves the local community with healthy options, but its employees are handled with care. The company offers impressive health benefits, a warm and inviting working environment, diversity, and practical leadership skills that go beyond the grocery store level. Wegmans also promotes sustainable initiatives and supports local farms. 
  4. Search engine giant Google is already famously known for its employee perks. Just to name a few: free gourmet meals and snacks at all times of the day (with chefs that apparently used to cook for the Grateful Dead), laundry services, on-site doctors, gym facilities, free shuttle services for locals, car services, and so much more. 
  5. Storage and data management innovator NetApp offers the standard health insurance plans, but ups the ante with five paid work days each year for time to volunteer, tuition reimbursement offerings, mass transit/parking account programs, environmental responsibility initiatives, health and wellness classes, and its well-loved Friday bagel bar. 
  6. Online shoe retailer Zappos.com is known for its specialized customer service, but its employee culture is also something to make note of. Such employee perks include health club facilities, on-site daycare, free vending machines and meals, and more to make for the true Zappos Family Core Value System. 
  7. Adventure gear retailer Recreational Equipment (REI) not only offers employee discounts upwards of 75 percent off, but also provides free equipment rents, annual gifts, and a Challenge Grant, a program where an employee determines a personal outdoor challenge and applies for a grant to achieve the goal. 
  8. Movie maker DreamWorks Animation SKG not only created genius characters like Shrek and Kung Fu Panda, but also molds well-rounded employees. Perks include free meals, movie screenings, health and wellness classes, art classes, and others on its more than six acres of landscaped grounds. 
  9. Online investing firm Scottrade offers a suite of employee perks like the standard competitive pay and medical benefits. Additionally, benefits include tuition reimbursement, flexible spending accounts for health care or mass transit costs, wellness programs and health club memberships, charitable matching, and cash for charity work. 
  10. Independent distributor of Toyota and Scion vehicles JM Family Enterprises offers a dynamic work environment with such benefits as adoption assistance, educational assistance, leadership development and others. Automotive perks for employees also include extended warranty plans, financing and lease plans, and vehicle purchase programs.  

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