Jun 01, 2020

Top 10 best US workplaces 2017

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Top 10 best US workplaces 2017

Global research and data authority Great Place to Work has recently revealed a new list citing the top 25 best workplaces across the world.

Those eligible had to have been named on a minimum of five national best workplaces lists and have at least 5,000 employees worldwide. Further, at least 40% of these must be situated outside of the company’s home country.

With the list largely dominated by firms located in the United States, here are the top 10 best companies to work for in the country, as ranked by Great Place to Work.


10. Hyatt

Fittingly, Hyatt operates with the hospitality industry, renowned as a multinational owner and operator of vacation properties including hotels and resorts.

Founded back in 1957, the company now employs over 100,000 people globally, achieving operating revenues of over $3.5bn.

The firm runs Hyattalks, where employees across the business are gathered together six times a year to discuss and share ideas in the aim of improving the performance of both the company and workforce themselves.

9. W. L. Gore & Associates

Located in Newark, Delaware and best known for its creation of GORE-TEX fabrics, Gore operates within the manufacturing and production industry.

Despite having just 9,500 employees globally, Gore see’s revenues of over $3bn worldwide, with the business having been founded just one year after Hyatt in 1958.

Using the Dashboard, Gore keeps its employees engaged with company by showing them the progress of initiatives and product development, letting its workers know the wider impact of their work and the organisation as a whole.

8. Autodesk

Working within the information technology industry, Autodesk is primarily known as a leader within the 3D design and entertainment software sector.

The firm employs 8,632 people globally, with a revenue of $2.5bn annually.

Autodesk promotes innovation within its workforce, largely through the Autodesk Idea Connection platform, where employees are invited to share ideas or vote on others ideas, giving them a voice that directly connects them with shareholders.

7. Cadence Design Systems

Cadence employs 7,126 people across the world, specialising in electronic design automation (EDA) and system design enablement software.

The firm is essential to development and innovation within a wide range of electronics including smartphones, medical devices and cloud infrastructure, amongst other things. This innovation is promoted within the workplace by providing employees with freedoms throughout their operations.

6. Stryker

Stryker is a leading manufacturer of medical technologies, offering a diverse range of products within the industry including reconstructive, medical, surgical, neurotechnological and spine products.

Despite having a larger employee base of 30,360 and higher revenues of $11.3bn than the firms previously mentioned, Stryker still puts an emphasis on employee satisfaction, offering development practices to help workers improve.

5. Hilton

Much like Hyatt, Hilton is a world-renowned hospitality chain, with over 5,100 vacation properties, under 14 different brands, across 103 countries and territories.

Hilton employs 163,170 workers worldwide, having recorded revenues of over $10bn since 2014.

The firm uses its international communication practices to stay connected with its employees of all levels across its expansive workforce. One example of this is the company’s new social engagement app known as Lobby Buzz.

The app aims to connect employees across all departments around the world with the most up to date company news in an easily accessible manor.

4. AbbVie

Global research-based pharmaceutical company AbbVie works to discover, develop and market commercial biopharmaceutical drugs.

Despite having less than a third of Hilton’s employees at just 29,000, the firm most recently recorded revenues of $25.6bn.

The Chicago headquartered company runs its Remarkable Impact initiative whereby patients are invited to speak openly to employees about the impact that the company has had on their lives, aiming to reward employees by showing them the positive wider social impact of their work.

3. Mars

Mars is the first firm ranked in the top 5 globally, placing 4th on the international list.

The company see’s over $35bn combined sales annually from its petcare, chocolate, wrigleys, food, drinks and symboscience businesses.

Mars endorses five key principles that it ensures its employees work by on a day to day basis: quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency and freedom.

2. SAS Institute

North American multinational analytical software developer SAS constructs technology that is used to help access, manage, analyse and report on data.

With over 14,000 employees worldwide, the company recorded a revenue of $3.2bn in 2016.

Like Mars, SAS holds a number of company values including accountability, authenticity, curiosity and passion. This consistent set of values enables its vast employee base to relate back to these, giving the firm a clear identity that values both its workers and maintains a wider social responsibility.


Salesforce is ranked as the best place to work by Great Place to Work, not only within the US, but also globally.

The firm is an international leader in customer relationship management (CRM), enabling companies to connect with customers on a much deeper level.

In this sense, the firm encompasses a strong sense of social responsibility, something that is reflected in its own employment.

Salesforce holds four core values of trust, growth, innovation and equality that are applied throughout the business, including its employment.

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