Feb 23, 2021

Top 10 fast growing startups in the US

Georgia Wilson
5 min
Business Chief North America ranks Forbes’ top 10 startups most likely to become unicorns based on their equity raised

Equity raised: US$270mn
CEO: Eric Kinariwala (CEO and Founder)

Founded by Eric Kinariwala in 2015, Capsule has set its ambitions high, with a mission to rebuild “the US$425bn pharmacy industry from the inside out with an emotionally resonant brand and technology that enables customized outcomes for doctors, hospitals, insurers, and manufacturers.”

With Capsule’s philosophy of “more ‘I love you’. Less ‘next please’,” the organisation strives to be a pharmacy of the future, by harnessing technology to help people live a healthier and better life. Capsule harness technology such as predictive inventory to make its entire fulfillment process smarter, safer and nicer to ensure that it can take better care of its customers.

“Our team makes the same promise to each other as the one we’ve made to our customers, doctors, and partners: everybody needs some looking after sometimes. We’ll never lose sight of the fact that behind all the craziness of the healthcare system, we’re just people looking after other people,” states Capsule.

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