Jun 01, 2020

Top 10 Most Expensive Gadgets for the Home

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Top 10 Most Expensive Gadgets for the Home

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Written by Nadia Ibanez

1. Gold-Plated Barbeque by BeefEater

It’s the Goliath of all BBQ grills. Even though summer is over, show off your mad grilling skills on the world’s first fully operational gold-plated barbecue. Except for the cooking surface, this grill is decked out in 24 carat gold and is for the man who has everything. The grill features six high output burners, wok burner, roasting hood with viewing window, warming rack, vaporizer grid and quart ignition. With the climbing cost of gold, we can imagine the cost of this grill will just get higher and higher as years go on. I suggest you get your hands on one now and prepare for looks of envy from your next BBQ guests. And you better have some pretty impressive steaks and seafood on this grill – put your lowly hot dogs and hamburgers away and break out the Kobe beef and foie gras.

2. Bugatti Grand Prix Desk

A perfect addition to your mancave or six-car garage, this decked out Bugatti-inspired desk took designer Luzzo Bespoke nearly 3,000 hours of CAD to design. With design nods to the Winfield carburetor, honeycomb grille and French racing blue lacquer, this massive piece of equipment is perfect for the Bugatti enthusiast – if you can afford it.

3. Jado Steel Style Gold Bed

If you’re one to bring waterbeds and gold into the bedroom then this is the bed for you. If you can get past the gaudiness, this luxury waterbed is coated in 24 carat gold and Swarovski crystals and comes with a DVD player, Bose sound system, Blu-ray player, PS3 and foldaway plasma TV coated in what do you know – gold. 

4. La Cornue’s Grand Palais 180 Kitchen Range

For those who entertain at home, you’ll need to find the most appropriate equipment to bang out your most salivated over dishes. Slave over an electric and gas oven, two hot plates, four brass burners, or even a teppanyaki grill and an induction plate. The possibilities are endless when you’re dropping serious bucks in the kitchen.

5. Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 5 Encore

Hosting a dinner party and you don’t have time to make the perfect playlist? The BeoSound 5 Encore allows you to select a song you want to listen to while the MOTS feature creates an automatic playlist generator to make for the ultimate mood creator. Sample your own digital music collection and party the night away or choose a mood from the 13,000 international radio stations accessible from the device.

6. Sub-Zero Pro 48 Fridge

Constructed of 100 percent sculpted steel, this refrigerator features separate fridge and freezer compressors, auto-closing doors, exterior temperature displays, touch control panels, vacation mode and so much more. Perfect for the modern home, this fridge just screams sleekness and sexiness with utility and food freshness.

7. Crystal Ergoripado by Electrolux

Who knew a vacuum could be so glamorous? The Ergoripado is embellished with 3,700+ Swarovski crystals and costs as much as your average four-door sedan. With a hefty price tag like this one, we can imagine you won’t be hiding this thing in the back of your coat closet.

8. Charlotte Thomas Bespoke Bed Sheets

Considering you spend most of your time in bed when you’re not in the office, you ought to invest in luxury sheets. The Bespoke collection is handmade using 22 carat gold thread woven into fine Merino wool, silk jacquard and 1,000 count Egyptian cotton sheets.

9. Crystal Encrusted Nespresso Coffee Machine

The single-cup coffee and espresso makers are taking up steam in the market and Nespresso has created a limited edition coffee machine that is covered in precious Swarovski crystals and features white gold taps. Who’s going to want to stand in line at Starbucks now when you can drink fresh espresso from your very own bedazzled contraption? Only 100 machines are available.

10. Dualit 6 Slot Vario Toaster

Ideal for large families, this toaster not only produces six slices at one time, but also allows users to heat two, four, or all six slots. The stainless steel body and cast aluminum ends add sleekness to your kitchen table and won’t keep you hanging when you’re having breakfast with the family. 

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