Jun 01, 2020

Top 10 Products on the Executive's Wishlist

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Top 10 Products on the Executive's Wishlist


10. Desktop Jellyfish Tank

Who needs an oh-so-common fish tank in the office when you can instead host jellyfish? For just under $500, give the gift of unique marine life. The jellyfish tank comes ready to assemble with a feeding pipette, air pump, color changing LED and remote control. Watch your large moon jellyfish swim with two small moon jellyfish but be sure to refrain from sticking your hands in the tank.

9. Serfin Wall Mount Liquid Fuel Fireplace

Get a cozy atmosphere without a built-in fireplace with the Serfin Wall Mount Liquid Fuel Fireplace. Using Pureflame, an ethanol based fuel, this 23 x 23 inch wall mount creates a memorable experience within a boring room or office. Priced at about $640, this fireplace will create warmth amongst a drab atmosphere.

8. Pineider Briefcase

There’s no need to save on style when it comes to carrying your important documents to and from work. The Pineider briefcase takes workplace accessories to a new level with its genuine Italian leather. Following an ancient tradition of Tuscany, Pineider’s leather is tanned with vegetable extracts, using the tannins of oak and chestnut trees.

7. Harry Winston Opus Eleven

The Harry Winston Opus Eleven encompasses technology and architecture like never before. Intricate mechanisms provide explosive temperament that turns reading time into a sport. At the hour change, under the sapphire-crystal dome, the hour numeral explodes before reassembling to the next hour. This watch utilises 24 placards that revolve and rotate on a complicated system of gears that are mounted on an epicycloidal gear train.

6. NestRest by Dedon

Relaxation is key in a stressful executive schedule and the NestRest is the perfect accessory for an executive who wants to lounge outdoors. Resembling an oversized birds nest, the NestRest is a basket weaved daybed that can either be set in one’s favourite spot or hung from a large tree.

5. DMi Keswick Veneer Desk

Feel ultra-powerful with the DMi Keswick Veneer Desk. Utilising an English Cherry finish, plated brass finished pulls, cherry veneers with solid wood pilasters, bases and shaped mouldings, the desk exemplifies the executive office. The collection includes optional storage selections to provide a minimalist or expansive look. Modeled after early American style, the desk’s price ranges from $3,000 to $6,000. 

4. CueLight

Obscura Digital premiers Cuelight as the ultimate billiards experience. Cuelight offers high definition imagery that responds in real-time to game activity. Choose what effects you want with a wave of the pool cue- rippling water effects, smoking fireballs, electric bolts, and other enhanced effects will follow each of your shots that will surprise even the most seasoned pool sharks.The Cuelight experience takes the traditional billiards game literally off the table. Now available for $12,500.00

3. Hydrofloors

Transforming a ballroom floor into a pool with the touch of a button, Hydrofloors is a perfect addition to an executive’s home. Whether utilising this technology to save space or pull an expensive prank, Hydrofloors provide vertically movable floors that offer the fun of a pool while doubling as a sturdy floor.

2. Evolve Motorcycles Xenon

The Evolve Motorcycles Xenon bike, modeled after the lightcycle in Disney’s Tron:Legacy, takes riding to a new level. Completely electric via a lithium ion battery system, this motorcycle brings futuristic transportation into reality. Priced at $55,000, the motorcycle has a battery life of up to 120 miles and can reach a max speed of 70 mph.

1. Diamond BlackBerry by Amosu

The Diamond BlackBerry Amosu Cuva is the most luxurious BlackBerry phone to date. Approximately $190,000, the Diamond BlackBerry features a whopping 4,459 brilliant cut diamonds – a total of 28.42 carats. Set in 18K gold, the Diamond BlackBerry is ultra-exclusive, as Amosu will only produce three of these deluxe phones. The phone additionally comes with free global concierge service for a year, offering members exclusive access and discounts. If you love your BlackBerry but feel like it needs a little extra special bling, the Diamond BlackBerry Amosu Cuva is the perfect solution. 

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