Jun 01, 2020

Top 10: SkyMall Products You Should Buy While You Still Can

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Top 10: SkyMall Products You Should Buy While You Still Can

The rise of ecommerce saw the decline of catalogue shopping, and SkyMall was no different, despite its overwhelming presence within a traveler's life.

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As CNN poetically described, “SkyMall wasn't just an annoying space eater in a seat-back pocket shuffled between airline propaganda, safety cards and barf bags — it was the one reliable punch line during those interminable delays on the tarmac, the one thing the airlines offered us that could guarantee five solid minutes of entertainment, the one thing in that stuffy cabin that wasn't quite so stuffy.”

Skymall may have declared bankruptcy but the 25-year-old airplane staple hasn’t quite closed shop yet; there’s still time to purchase items like these online:

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Reloaded Micro Kickboard Carry-On Luggage Scooter
This $349.99, TSA-approved luggage is designed to improve efficiency for travelers through a built-in kickboard. For $429.99, fashion-focused customers can upgrade to a Steve Aoki-designed version with a Bluetooth speaker. Never run through the airport again—but try not to run anyone over, either. 

Suzy Kuzy Beer Mitt
Cold hands will never stand in the way of beer drinking again. $14.95 gets customers an upgraded version of the classic koozie, which has been expanded to warm hands while keeping beer cold. 

Push Pushi Dog Raincoat
Why should Fido have to get wet? For just $39.95-$49.95, dogs of all sizes (literally: Teacup and XX-Small through XX-Large) can avoid catching a cold on those rainy-day walks. With an option for colors, he or she can be gender-appropriate as well as stylish but the best part? The detachable hood also folds back and is held down by magnets. Magnets!

Bigfoot Garden Yeti Statue
A Bigfoot sighting is rare, if even real, but SkyMall brings the legend to life for $99.95-$2,250, depending on preferred size. Who wouldn’t want a giant (up to 147-pound) mythical creature hanging out by the pool, especially when described as “a quality designer resin statue hand-painted for startling realism”?

And while you’re at it, go ahead and pick up the matching Bigfoot Holiday Yeti Christmas ornament ($9.95-$19.90), which is still on sale from 2010. 

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Fire Burning Portable Hot Tub
No need to install a real hot tub that actually requires plumbing and electricity. Break out the firewood and take advantage of the wire basket that pushes water through metal coils, allowing the flames to act as a natural source of heat. Control the temperature by reducing or increasing the amount of firewood. At $3,999.99, the BBQ can stay covered as well—the description suggests using the flames for grilling. 


NIGHT GLOW Toilet Seats
These toilet seats are solving late-night toilet trauma everywhere. Never again does one have to fumble for the pesky light switch—a glowing toilet guides the way. Just charge before bedtime and enjoy 8 hours of risk-free bladder breaks. For $49.99, choose a glow that is blue or green (color stays white during the day), and a round or elongated bowl.

Litter Robot
No one likes to clean up poop, especially not when it is surrounded by urine-saturated litter. Enter Litter Robot, the self-cleaning litter box that cleans, dumps and refills every time a cat leaves the box. Starting at $339.95, the Litter Robot can hold enough litter to fill a kitchen trash bag in a hidden drawer—that is a lot of litter.

Why walk, ride a bike, drive a car or use other archaic method for transportation when you can hover to your destination? For just $995.99, this gas-free, green-friendly product can go up to 5 mph and 8 miles in total distance—not to mention forward, backwards, left and right!

NFL Player Tree Face
According to the description on SkyMall.com, “Player Faces are the new Forest Faces,” a trend we must have missed, but thankfully, no one has to miss its replacement.

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Player Faces are $23.99, come in nearly every team possible, and can be hung on a tree, wall, fence, house, campsite and more.  

Leo Men’s Padded Butt Enhancer
Underwear with lift: Because a little junk in the trunk goes a long way. 

*All photos courtesy of www.skymall.com


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