Jun 1, 2020

Top 10 tips for executive dressing

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What inspired Trunk Club?

"All of the businesses I’ve built stemmed from my frustration with buying clothes. I started Bonobos because I couldn’t find trousers that fit me well. I decided to make a better pattern and manufacture them myself. With Trunk Club, I realized that guys want to look good, but hate to shop, and that we could take away some of their pain. We’ve built a technology-powered, personalized high-end service designed for busy guys who want and need to look good, but don’t have the time or desire to go malls or stores."

How does it work and how can it help time poor businessmen and executives?

"Busy, hardworking guys understand the value of surrounding themselves with people who can give them great advice. The problem is that most of them are too busy living life to upgrade their wardrobes. So we do the work for them. Trunk Club is a trusted wardrobe adviser that makes it easy for men to look awesome without having to do a lot of work. You sign up at trunkclub.com to get connected with a stylist, who picks out clothes that suit your needs and personality and sends them to you. You keep what you love and send the rest back at no charge. Free shipping both ways and no fees or minimums. It’s an easy, risk-free way for guys to invest in themselves."


1. Grown men tuck in their button-up shirts.

2. Brown shoes are more powerful and more versatile than black shoes

3. Trends are overrated and best ignored. The most important criteria for any item of clothing: How well it fits. 


4. It's always better to overdress than underdress.

5. One statement piece per outfit

6. A man should limit his jewelry to a wedding ring and a watch

7. Belts and shoes should coordinate, but need not always match.


8. One pair of shoes isn't enough. A versatile footwear collection will prepare you for every occasion.

9. Never fear colorful trousers.

10. Every man should own these six items: (1) Navy blazer, (2) grey v-neck sweater, (3) premium jeans, (4) flawless belt coordinated with (5) brown / tan shoes, and (6) a crisp white shirt. If you can only travel with six items, these will carry you far.


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