Feb 12, 2021

Top 10 virtual C-Suite leadership forums 2021

Kate Birch
8 min
Dive into the virtual deep end with our list of the top 10 C-Suite leadership forums, which pack a power punch with their leading line-ups and timely topics

While in the current COVID-19 climate, travelling to a global event to rub shoulders with other C-Suite leaders is off the table, sitting in the comfort of your own office space and virtually rubbing shoulders is very much on. And in the wake of the pandemic, some of the biggest annual leadership events have promptly pivoted, replacing their once physical forums and conferences with virtual counterpoints. 

And rather than being watered-down versions of the original, these virtual forums are packing a powerful punch, not just with the promise of interactive roundtables, curated sessions and networking opportunities, but with the calibre of speakers they may not have otherwise realised. 

Whether you’re a CIO trying to efficiently navigate the new hybrid digital workplace, an HR leader looking for insight on staying agile, or a CSO searching for solutions to help scale your firm’s sustainability initiatives, one of these top 10 virtual forums could really make the difference. 

All running within the next four months, these 10 virtual forums, are ranked chronologically. 

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