Jun 01, 2020

Top facts about Microsoft’s new Surface Studio

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Top facts about Microsoft’s new Surface Studio

Microsoft are continually breaking the mould with their innovative products and solutions, even revolutionising products which are slowly becoming a thing of the past. Their launch of their Surface desktop computer could resurrect the outdated computer from the rise of laptops and sophisticated systems, displaying an array of impressive features, which some have suggested will lure die-hard Apple fans back, or to, the brand.

Here are top facts regarding the new Surface Studio.

1. The computer has a built-in microphone, allowing you to access popular assistant software Cortana, in addition to two impressive speakers

2. What the Surface Studio lacks in size is made up for with embedded, sophisticated technologies. Over 13 million pixels are utilised, creating a sharp image, in addition to Core i5 and i7 processors.

3. Aimed at architects, designers, engineers and further creative roles, the technology will work in collaboration with Windows 10, and any further equipment with this software.

4. Built in order to support designers, Microsoft is set to release Windows 10 Creator Update, which will work in collaboration with the Surface Studio by enabling 3D and VR support and guidance.

5. The Surface Studio is touch sensitive, incorporating a stylus for users.

6. The product also incorporates Skype, which was bought by Microsoft in 2011.

7. With a 28-inch display, the LCD monitor is the slimmest design ever created by Microsoft, at a slender 12.5mm.

8. The Studio is able to tilt in order to suit the user through the use of a hinge, becoming increasingly practical for all users

9. Not included as part of an order, but the Surface Dial, recently created by Microsoft is an add on to the Surface Studio, allowing the user to draw, paint and utilise aspects of the software with precision.

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