Jun 01, 2020

Top Ten Cool Outdoor Gadgets

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Top Ten Cool Outdoor Gadgets

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10. Soundmatters foxL v2 Platinum Portable Bluetooth Speakers



Soundmatters managed to pack incredible sound quality, wireless music streaming and Bluetooth-compatible hands-free phone conferencing into a mini system that can be transported in your pocket. Its rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours of play and its aptX integration makes for CD-quality wireless Bluetooth streaming.

9. UwaterG4X Chrome Waterproof MP3 Player



By far, our favorite gadget in Fitness Technology’s 100 percent waterproof audio line is the UWaterG4X MP3 player. With its 4GB capacity and continuous play time of six to eight hours on a single charge, the UWaterG4 is a slick way to listen to music everywhere. For the most adventurous among us, the chrome model provides extended durability in salt and treated water.

8. Bheestie Bag



For those times when your not-so-water-resistant gadgets get doused, the Bheestie Bag can be your best friend. You mayhave heard that throwing your water-damaged cell phone in a bowl of rice was a suitable solution, but Bheestie bags use a molecular sieve desiccant formula to remove moisture from devices up to 700 percent better than rice.

7. Fuego Element Grill



The Element by Fuego takes grilling to a sleeker level. Its unique design is eye-catching, but we’re most impressed with its dual zone burner system, with a patent pending valve that allows for direct and indirect cooking. Plus, it can be customized with a cast iron griddle or pizza stone for baking.

6. Eton Soulra XL Solar-Powered iPod Boombox



It may not be as compact as the foxL speaker, but Eton’s Soulra does feature a colossal 72-inch square inch monocrystal solar panel, which can soak up five hours of recharge time in direct sunlight. And we’re not saying it’s not portable—it comes with a removable gel-cushioned carrying strap and a built-in handle for travel.

5. FieldCandy Spacious Tent



FieldCandy’s eclectic tents are certainly fun, but that doesn’t mean they’re not performance-ready and durable. While a spacious inner cotton tent keeps away condensation, their heavy-duty construction stands up to the best expedition tents on the market. If you’re interested in snagging one, you’d better hurry—the designs are limited and there are only just over 100 of the stellar Spacious edition left.

4. Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter



If you’re feeling flighty, the Parrot AR.Drone is the coolest way to take off with both feet on the ground. Its on-board Wi-Fi system lets you control it with your handheld device and on-board cameras give you a real-time view from the sky. Most impressively, the copter’s front camera captures video and stills in 720p HD and lets you stream live or record and share later.

3. SunBrite 5510HD Outdoor TV



This 55” all-weather LCD TV is specifically engineered to withstand rain, dust, insects, humidity and salt air, so it’s the perfect companion to outdoor entertaining or presentations. Even high light environments are no match for its 4,000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p display and anti-reflective protective glass screen. And if your climate is less than ideal, SunBrite’s internal heater will protect the TV in temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. SensoGlove



SensoGlove consulted with international PGA professionals to develop this lightweight, sweat-proof digital golf glove that promises to lower your game score and improve your swing. Through a series of highly responsive sensors and a built-in computer, SensoGlove provides audio and visual feedback about your grip on the club during your address and your swing.

1. iGrill Thermometer and App



Getting ready to grill? There’s an app for that. The iGrill Bluetooth meat thermometer works in tandem with a free app available through iTunes to let you check the status of your cooking food from up to 200 feet away and receive alerts when it’s done. And if you purchase a second thermometer probe, you can monitor the temperature of two different items at once. Its compact design won’t contribute to kitchen clutter and the app provides timers, recipes, cooking tips, a standard temperature reference guide and a grocery list feature to even further simplify your preparation process. 

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