Integrated Payroll System Benefits

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By: Daniel Clark

Choosing the right payroll system for your business isn't just about ensuring your employees are paid on time. The right piece of software can do so much more for your business, including compiling reports and improving efficiency. If you're looking for a complete package, then an integrated payroll and HR system could be the solution.

Greater efficiency

The main benefit of an integrated system is the efficiency improvements that this will make to your business. Across HR and finance functions, a substantial amount of the same data is used, such as an employee's name, address and National Insurance number. Therefore, it would make sense if this information only needed to be input once. With integrated software this data can be shared between departments, without having to enter it again. This will limit the amount of mistakes that are made when constantly re-entering and updating the same details.

Real time information

By using an integrated payroll and HR system, everyone can benefit from real time information. Previously, if anything was updated it could take days or even weeks to filter through the system, meaning that other departments could be working from old and out of date information.

When it comes to analysing and reporting the figures, an integrated system will be much more efficient. There are no problems with trying to integrate information from two separate pieces of software that aren't compatible with each other. This makes it a far smoother process to analyse the information and it's quick and easy to print off the information you need.

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With all departments working from the same information, it makes the whole process of employee administration and finance much easier. Also it is less likely for there to be any inaccuracies as a result of someone mis-entering or forgetting to update certain information. It's a much simpler process than trying to integrate two existing stand-alone products.

Financial planning

Integrated solutions make financial planning much easier and more accurate. With the information already combined it's simple to produce forecast figures, including everything from wages to the cost of coffee. With everyone working from the same details, there's also no risk of using out of date information.

HMRC Compliant

It's now compulsory to transfer real time information regarding payroll to HMRC on a monthly basis, either before or on the day employees are paid. Therefore, you need to choose a system that's compliant with the latest legislation and check every year that this is still the case. A system that works with the HMRC rules will mean that your employees are paid on time and that the information can easily be transmitted to HMRC.

An integrated payroll and HR system is not the best option for every business. The benefits that can be achieved outweigh any cost or time issues involved. For an effective system which guarantees great results, we recommend the payroll software.

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