Get in the business of better email lists

By Dave Thomas

Successfully pitching consumers on your products or services is a 24/7 endeavor, whether you run a small business on your own or a larger organization with multiple employees.

Across a variety of markets, today’s consumers have a variety of choices. Your goal as a business man or woman is to stand apart from the crowd.

There are myriad ways to do this – stellar products, unbeatable service, fair pricing, and second-to-none marketing techniques. Given there are different tricks of the trade when it comes to marketing, knowing which consumers to go after increases the odds your pitches will results in sales.

But how do you know who is a likely customer to buy and who is one that will take more convincing?

Target the Right Prospects

To start off, the challenge of attaining and retaining new customers is typically tougher on smaller businesses.

A smaller company oftentimes has fewer resources (employees, funds etc.), so it is more likely to enter the game of acquiring new business with one hand tied behind its back.

With that in mind, constructing an email list faster usually becomes even more important for the little guy.

One of the ways the smaller business man or woman can negate having to put together such a list is by working with an email list leads provider.When taking that road, smaller companies can better maneuver past their competitors (including some larger ones).

Opting for email lists on Lead Roster or another such provider gives the smaller businesses nationwide (and those larger ones who make such a choice) an advantage because such data allows for better email marketing options

With a better focus on those consumers to go after, your business should tailor its email marketing campaigns to contain:

1. A title and message that resonate with consumers

The words you choose in your headline can make or break your email marketing efforts. Apply an eye-catching headline and you’ve already got a foot in the door. On the other hand, a dull headline is likely to land you and your brand in the trash folder.

For example, “5 health insurance experts discuss where you’re overspending for health insurance” for your header is more interesting than “Are you spending too much on health insurance?”

Once you’ve got the consumer’s attention, the content then needs to win them over. Make it clear in as few sentences as possible as to why choosing your brand is a winning choice for the individual. Is it the quality of your product or service? Does your pricing structure separate you from the competition? Why is your company’s customer service second to none?

With a winning headline and a message to boot, you’ve already got the consumer thinking about giving you their business. You can keep the conversation going by allowing the consumer to opt-in to your brand’s newsletter. Give them more details about how you are a leader in your respective industry, especially if you stand out in the area of mobile marketing;

2. A renewed focus on mobility

Greater numbers of email marketing campaigns are finding their way onto mobile devices. That being the case, your message needs to be optimized for mobile (i.e. good presentation, avoiding broken links etc.). Remember, mobile emails allow you to reach the consumer at opportune times, including when he or she is shopping for a product or service. Use your mobile efforts to incentivize consumers to buy from you when the fire is hot.

Speaking of keeping the fire hot, make sure you gather and analyze statistics from your mobile efforts. It is crucial to understand how consumers are interacting with your brand, especially as more of them opt for learning about you from their smartphones;

3. A call to action

Lastly, give the email recipient a reason to want to follow up with you, i.e. a call to action. Better yet, sweeten the pot by providing them with an incentive (sales specials, rewards program opportunities etc.). Many consumers these days are yearning for bargains, especially when the economy is such a challenge for them to make ends meet. When you and your brand make a positive first impression with email marketing, the odds increase that you land yourself a long-term customer.

Winning email marketing campaignsall have a number of components to them, starting with being in the business of who to go after in the first place.

Find the email list that works best for your brand and make your pitch to consumers.


About the Author: Dave Thomas covers business and marketing topics on the web.


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