MindGym: Behavioural Change is the Path to Better Leadership

By Rhys Thomas
Dr. Janet Ahn, MindGym’s Chief Behavioral Science Officer, on how behavioural change empowers leaders to build profits and a culture of performance

For more than two decades, MindGym has built a reputation as a change-maker, equipping leaders with the tools to enhance the performance and well-being of the people within their organisations. Amid a climate of constant shift and turbulence across every industry, businesses are turning to MindGym to help them tackle real problems, today, especially in high-pressure, high-performance sectors such as fintech.

MindGym’s holistic programme of digital-live hybrid, bitesize, behavioural change solutions encompass seamless content delivery, one-on-one live coaching and discussion sessions to identify and solve challenges. “Through a mix of coaching and digital-live hybrid products, MindGym creates sustainable behaviour change that touches every part of the business, nurturing innovation and creating a culture of high performance,” says Dr. Janet Ahn, MindGym’s first Chief Behavioral Science Officer, and an expert at the forefront of behavioural science.

A key partner to Moody’s, MindGym is rolling out its unique DE&I solution, built upon four cornerstones: judge wisely, value variety, forbid and forgive, and step up. “Moody's already has a strong record of diversity, but MindGym focused on a partnership to bring inclusion to the next, global level,” Ahn says. “Based on our four cornerstones, MindGym created a very comprehensive journey for Moody’s. The goal of our partnership is to build cohesion globally at Moody’s around the topics of power and inclusion, belonging, and psychological safety and, even more importantly, to help Moody’s leaders build a strong foundation and understanding of things they can do differently every day to ultimately lead that culture of inclusion.”

Beyond DE&I, MindGym solves a multitude of problems in the human capital space, from leadership development to employee well being, establishing frameworks under which leaders are empowered to change behaviours when they spot opportunities. Under the ‘great resignation’, Ahn and her team are helping organisations not only attract the best talent, but establish a culture that enables them to flourish. "The fight for talent is being felt across the board, with a focus on diversity and inclusion, figuring out logistics for hybrid working, and employee well being,” says Ahn. “It's vital these initiatives are at the heart of any organisation looking to create high performance in the future and that's where MindGym comes in and how we can help.”

With compounding pressures from stakeholders, market forces and society at large, MindGym is poised to guide organisations towards their objectives - and that, Ahn says, begins with empowering people. 

“People are what drives growth in revenue and innovation,” Ahn explains. “To create the best performing teams, we have to invest in their experience. How we do this is by leveraging the insights we have on behavioural science in terms of how we know people psychologically are most motivated and driven.”

When it comes to motivation and driving teams to achieve high performance, MindGym believes there should be a key focus on leadership development and wellbeing. To help businesses, it is launching a leadership solution that encourages leaders to "level up" using a skill called attunement, and a wellbeing proposition to give teams the strategies they need to beat burnout and navigate today's complex challenges. 

Read the full Moody’s report HERE

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