Apr 8, 2021

People Moves Americas: GameStop, IMF, Bain, Shutterstock

Kate Birch
4 min
Former Amazon exec joins GameStop and ex Coca-Cola exec moves to Conagra. Here’s the biggest round-up of C-suite transitions across the Americas
Former Amazon exec joins GameStop and ex Coca-Cola exec moves to Conagra. Here’s the biggest round-up of C-suite transitions across the Americas...

In a week where a number of Amazon execs moved to GameStop, we round up some of the biggest moves across the Americas, from finance and insurance to tech and food. 

Johan Gericke joins Finance of America as Chief Financial Officer

Seasoned executive Johan Gericke has been appointed Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Finance of America Companies. With extensive finance experience, Gericke has held leadership positions at major financial institutions, most recently at Capital One where he spent 10 years in various leadership roles including Chief of Staff to the Commercial Banking division. Prior to that, Gericke spent seven years at Wells Fargo. 

In this new role, Gericke will oversee all aspects of the company’s financial responsibilities, including financial reporting, internal controls, and business processes, as well as strategic planning, treasure and investor relations. According to Patricia Cook, CEO, Finance of America, Gericke’s proven track record, passion for technological transformation to increase productivity and experience building high-performing teams will be “immensely valuable to Finance of America”. 

Jenna Owens joins GameStop as Chief Operating Officer

Tech industry veteran Jenna Owens has been appointed Chief Operations Officer. Owens joins GameStop from Amazon where she spent four years in various senior-level roles, most recently serving as director for Amazon’s fulfilment operations. Prior to this, she held senior operations roles at Google and Honeywell and worked in the supply chain practice at McKinsey & Co. This follows a number of executive transitions from Amazon to GameStop. 


Chaly Jo Moyen joins Conagra as Chief Strategy Officer

Former Coca-Cola exec Chaly Jo Moyen has been named Chief Strategy Officer and President of Foodservice & International at Conagra Brands. In this newly created role, Moyen will be responsible for creating, executing and sustaining the copany’s strategic initiatives as well as bringing the company’s brands to consumers outside of the US and guiding distribution of products to retailers, suppliers and restaurants. 

Moyen joins Conagra from Coca-Cola where she has spent the last 15 years, most recently as senior VP of strategy, decision science and insights for Coca-Cola North America, leading enterprise business strategy development. According to Sean Connolly, CEO, Conagra Brands, Moyen’s “expertise in strategy development, brand marketing and customer leadership makes her the ideal fit to help Conagra integrate data-driven solutions into our business operations”. 


Seasoned expert Randy Huey joins Bain & Company as Partner

An expert in commercial excellence, Randy Huey has joined Bain & Company’s Global Commercial Excellence practice as an Expert Partner. With more than two decades of experience across sales, strategy and operations, and with a long track record of leading sustained organic growth and share gain in several sales leadership and operational roles, Huey offers that “rare combination of go-to-market strategy, commercial operations and sales leadership”, says Mark Kovac, head of Bain’s global commercial excellence practice, and his “deep expertise in the areas of channel optimisation and commercial operations will be a key asset to helping our clients achieve their long-term growth goals”. In this new role, Huey will advise clients across the B2B space, providing specialist insights into the tech and healthcare sectors. 


Bernard Lauwers appointed IMF’s Director of Finance Department

A senior finance executive with 30 years of experience, Bernard Lauwers has been appointed director of the finance department at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Joining from the World Bank, where he served as group-wide vice president and controller before being made vice president on special assignment, Lauwers led major institution-wide initiatives such as the LIBOR transition and integrated reporting. With a strong track record in leading and motivating large multicultural and multidisciplinary teams to perform at a consistently high level, Lauwers brings a “strong track record in management and proven ability to be a forward thinking thinker and leader” says Kristalina Georgieva, Executive Director of IMF. 

Meeckel Beecher joins Shutterstock as Head of DEI

A well-respected thought leader across social impact, diversity and inclusivity, Meeckel Beecher has been appointed Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) for leading global creative platform Shutterstock. Meeckel joins Shutterstock from Altice USA, where he served as Director of Community Affairs, partnering with stakeholders to incorporate DEI best practices across the business, and also has notable experience in communications and corporat social responsibility. 

With a decade of extensive experience, Meeckel is an “exceptional leader” who is being brought on board to “further our mission of building a workforce that is, at all levels, representative of the diverse global community we serve”, says Sara Birmingham, CHRO at Shutterstock. In this role, Meeckel is tasked with advancing the company’s global DEI strategy to ensure both brand and products are diverse and representative of its people and the communities it serves globally. 


Anne Rocco joins Everest Re as Senior VP

Chubb executive Anne Rocco is set to join Everest Re as Senior Vice President and Group Chief Transfromation Officer. With nearly three decades of experience with Chubb including leadership roles, and most recently as Executive VP and Head of International Operations and Technology, Rocco has extensive experience delivering complex, large scale strategic and transformational global initiatives. 

Widely recognised for her passion and success ind riving results, improving customer experience, and enhancing operational performance, Rocco will “be instrumental in driving our strategy to transform our company and support our growth ambitions for the future”, says Juan C. Andrade, CEO. 

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Jun 6, 2021

Business Chief Legend: Former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi

Kate Birch
4 min
As the first and only female CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi smashed corporate America’s glass ceiling and transformed the performance and purpose of PepsiCo

At a recent Asia Pacific-focused event, organised by P&G and UN Women, the former CEO of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, shared why enabling a diverse and inclusive workforce can directly impact the bottom line.

“If 80% of our products are bought by women because they were the gatekeepers at home, or make all the purchases, why don’t we have a large number of women represented in our ranks,” she told a virtual global crowd of thousands. 

Such business advice may seem rather obvious today, but in 2006, when Nooyi put this business philosophy into practice at PepsiCo, it was both pioneering and progressive. Because not only did the performance of PepsiCo transform under Nooyi’s 12-year tenure as CEO, but so did its purpose and people, with Nooyi widely praised for transforming the firm’s diversity and inclusion agenda.

And who better to do so than someone who had herself smashed the corporate American glass ceiling. Because, when Nooyi became CEO in 2006, following 12 years as Chief Strategist, not only was she among just a handful of female CEOs leading Fortune 500 firms, and one of very few foreign-born executives, she was both the first female CEO to lead PepsiCo, and the first person of colour. Not to mention also being a wife and mother.

Proving performance and purpose can co-exist

And she more than got the job done, growing PepsiCo revenues by 80%, making the firm more global than it had ever been, so that by the time she stepped down in 2018, nearly 20% of net revenues came from MENA, Asia and Latin America, and expanding the business significantly with key acquisitions (Tropicana) and mergers (Quaker Oats).

But it was Nooyi’s strategic redirection of PepsiCo, transforming both its purpose and people, that really made an impact. As chief architect of PepsiCo’s pledge, Performance with Purpose, unveiled in 2006 and a precursor to the modern sustainability movement, Nooyi repositioned the firm to focus on what is best for the world and for its people, from sustainability and social responsibility to diversity and diet.

She transformed the firm’s D&I agenda, created a culture where workers were encouraged to stay with the company, moved corporate spending away from junk food and into healthier alternatives, redesigned packaging to reduce waste, and switched to renewable energy sources and recycling.

As she told Forbes in 2017, “I wanted to make sure that PepsiCo was not only delivering top-tier financial returns but doing so in a way that was responsive to the needs of the world around us.”

Indra Nooyi talking with US President Biden (then Vice President) in 2014

Smashing corporate America's glass ceiling

And it was this ability to realise a world in which business is both practiced and recognised as a force for good that has earned Nooyi a place in CEO history books and landed her numerous accolades, including 11 honorary degrees, the Hero of Conscious Capitalism award at 2017’s CEO Summit, consistent inclusion in the world’s 100 most powerful women (including #1 by Forbes in 2009/10) and most recently, induction into the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Not bad for a girl from Chennai, India, who was expected to lead a conventional life as a wife and mother, but by her own admission was a bit of a “rebel”, with a passion for playing cricket and lead guitarist in a band. In the late 70s, she relocated to the US, earning herself a Master’s in management from Yale, and beginning a four decade-long strategy-focused career that was born at BCG in 1980 where she spent six years and ended in 2018 following 24 impactful years at PepsiCo.

And while she has now retired from corporate life, Nooyi continues to wield the influence that so positively changed the direction of one of the world’s largest companies. As well as serving on the board for ecommerce giant Amazon, she speaks at summits close to her heart, and has recently penned her memoir, advising corporates on better integrating work and family.

And while she has now retired from corporate life, Nooyi continues to wield the influence that so positively changed the direction of one of the world’s largest companies. As well as serving on the board for ecommerce giant Amazon, she speaks at summits close to her heart, and has recently penned her memoir, advising corporates on better integrating work and family. 

Indra Nooyi's memoir will be available from September 28, 2021, and can be pre-ordered. 

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