VP of Claim Operations

Currently the Vice President of Claim Operations for Amerisure, Laurie Pierman is responsible for Claims Analytics, the Special Investigation Unit, Subrogation, Auto Physical Damage, Claim Intake, and Claims Vendor Management. She also leads all technology initiatives for the Claims department, including Amerisure’s claims system replacement project in 2015. Current technology initiatives include Digital First Notice of Loss, Digital Claim Payments, and Claims Analytics.

Pierman’s journey with Amerisure began over 30 years ago as a Workers’ Compensation Claims Adjuster. Since that time, she has held roles of progressively greater responsibility within the company, both in the corporate office and in several field offices. “What's kept me here is the consistent focus on providing exceptional service and building relationships cross-functionally across and outside the organisation,” she says.

In her opinion, gaining a competitive edge rests on a company’s ability to deliver a superior experience and she suggests that this is where Amerisure’s targeted focus on specific industries pays off. “We're able to focus on a small group of agency customers with whom we have very strong relationships. We can then respond to what they need and get feedback to aid our decision-making and ensure we're providing the right solutions.”

Innovation is also key, and Pierman recounts one of Amerisure’s most notable tech innovations: the utilisation of texting in its claims process. “When it comes to telephone calls, we found it was difficult to contact workers in order to get more information about their claims. What we found was that a lot of people were not picking up the phone because they didn't recognise the Amerisure number - many of us don't answer our phone when we don't recognise a number; you just let it go to voicemail. Texting has allowed our adjusters to have those conversations, even when the claimant is working, and exchange information much faster and more seamlessly.” This is a perfect example of Amerisure getting to know its policyholders and innovating accordingly: texting has become a way of life for many, particularly among younger generations, and the added comfort provided by the company instantly led to an improved relationship.

When Pierman says “it's a fun time to be in the industry,” it’s hard not to believe her.


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