President, Data Centers

Throughout his career Michael Gantert has often chosen the road less travelled. After studying Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Military Institute (VMI), he was commissioned as an officer in the US Army. Multiple deployments overseas offered the chance to nurture a diverse skillset. “I learned many lessons about leadership, communication, planning, problem solving, decision making under pressure and the importance of team building,” he remembers. Subsequent roles as a Project Manager in the construction industry and Mechanical Engineer (later Technical Services Manager) with an Industrial Refrigeration Design/Build firm broadened Gantert’s knowledge of facility construction and operations. 

Gantert joined Munters in 2011 progressing from Project Manager to Global Commercial Director and in 2018 became President of the company’s data center business. “I believe in order to be an effective leader, you must gain the trust of those you lead. I work every day to build trust with my team by creating an environment where people feel comfortable to share ideas, leading by example, listening with humility and intent, daring to be vulnerable, and giving my team the space and freedom to make decisions. Trust is a two-way street, and it is the foundation of building a strong team. When I joined Munters, I spent time at our manufacturing facilities and job sites working side-by-side with our employees to learn what they do. I wanted to understand the challenges our teams face at every phase of the project life cycle. This hands on approach gave me the opportunity to not only see the entire business picture, but also allowed me to get to know our amazing employees.”  

Gantert adds, “The same holds true in business, when it comes to trust.  You must gain the trust of your customers to create a strong partnership. You need to deliver on what you promise. At Munters, we take pride in delivering on our promises, starting with an initial inquiry and culminating with fully operational cooling systems at a data center.  We stand behind our technologies and commitment to deliver the performance and support our customers need for their success.”

Gantert notes the data center market is growing rapidly and helping Munters’ customers overcome their challenges provides motivation in his role. “I love a challenge, especially when few people believe you can succeed. I enjoy leading cross-functional teams to solve problems, and deliver for customers. In business, customer success should drive and inspire all of us. At Munters, our purpose is to develop solutions that lead to a healthier planet while achieving that success. When we succeed at both, that is inspiring.”

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