10 Ways to Recognize Your Employees’ Accomplishments

By Mana Tulberg

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Recognizing and acknowledging your employees’ productive efforts can have a tremendous effect in your organization. According to a study by Dr. Brad Shuck, recognizing your employees’ success and good work can increase productivity by 18% and increase retention by as much as 87%.

Recognition lets employees know you care about them and creates an environment where individuals feel appreciated for their contributions and performance.  Employee recognitions do not necessarily have to cost anything. 

There are many programs out there that offer essential tools for regular recognition of your staff.  However, a sharp employee can spot the insincere and artificial praise. 

Get to know your team member.  Make your praises specific to that employee.


Here are 10 simple ways to recognize your employees:

1- Daily Interaction:

At the end of each day ask at least one of your employees about their day at work.  This allows you to give immediate reinforcement for their positive and productive work.

2- Spread The Love:

It is important to recognize a job well done by a new employee as well as leadership of a long-term employee.

3- A little Can Go a Long Way:

Even a little recognition and encouragement will help your employees to continue their good work and even find ways to improve their performance.

4- Ask For Feedback:

At times just listening to an employee can make them feel recognized.

5- Share the Organizational Measurements:

Your employees need to be enlightened by how their work and efforts are impacting company’s success.

6- Celebrate Your Employees:

Acknowledge your team members’ employment anniversary each year.  You need to let them know that you value their loyalty to the company.

7- Share Praise Given by Others:

Make sure you share with your employee praises given by another manager, supplier, and/or especially customers.  Public recognition of good work reinforces an attitude you want to promote within your group.

8- Help Them Grow:

Helping a good employee develop professionally can have many positive returns.  Suggest good related books, classes or seminars for your employees to attend in order for them to expand their skills.

9- Inspire Their Passion:

If you want your employees to be passionate about their work encourage them to make their own decisions.

10- Acknowledge Efforts as Well as Success:

Not all ideas or efforts are successful.  Reward efforts as well as successes. You don’t want to discourage employees from producing and sharing their thoughts and ideas.

Every employee responds differently to praise. While some may enjoy a public recognition, there are others who are uncomfortable in being the center of attention.  As mentioned earlier, get to know your team members and tailor your praises and recognitions to generate the best possible impact.

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