8 facts about Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey

By Catherine Rowell

Since its launch in the 1970s in Texas, Whole Foods Market has provided healthy, wholesome foods, expanding their operations across America, acquiring several companies, such as Fresh Fields, Bread of Life and Nature’s Heartland. Originally founded by John Mackey, Mackey has maintained his CEO position at the company throughout its rein and will continue to maintain its operations for the foreseeable future. However, Walter Robb, who originally joined the company in 2010 and worked in collaboration with Mackey as co-CEO, will be taking on a senior advisory role and will remain on the company board through the transformation process.

Here are our top 8 facts regarding John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market 

  1. He co-wrote the novel Conscious Capitalism alongside Rajendra Sisodia in 2003
  2. In the same year, Mackey was named Ernest & Young Enterpreneur of the year.
  3. A strict Vegan, Mackey has been an enduring supporter of animal welfare rights and is currently on the Board of Directors for the Global Animal Partnership to address these issues.
  4. In order to ensure his staff are well paid and appreciated, Mackey takes home just $1 a year, whilst money he would have seen himself is now placed in an emergency funding systems for employees who may need financial aid
  5. His controversial views have become a long-standing subject of debate throughout America, with a distrust of the country’s anti-unions, his feelings that individuals are “entitled” to healthcare, alongside his political views on how the government is run.
  6. Since its inception, Whole Foods has now expanded its operations to Canada and the UK, further increasing their revenue and market presence
  7. With an increased focus on creating not only sustainable produce, but sustainable working environments, the company obtained a “Green Building” award in Texas back in 1998.
  8. Mackey has ensured both employees and consumers are educated in the benefits of sustainable, whole foods in order to support the environment.

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