May 19, 2020

Ahmad Tea to double American sales

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Ahmad Tea
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Ahmad Tea to double US sales
Nell Walker
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Ahmad Tea to double American sales

Ahmad Tea is aiming to double its US sales.

Ahmad Tea is the global leader in loose leaf tea, having begun in Southampton, UK, in 1986. The family-owned business has enjoyed enormous success for the past 30 years, swiftly expanding into the US, Russia, Iran, and Iraq, with international sales accounting for over 95 percent of the business.

The company now plans to double its US sale from $8 million to $16 million by 2018. It has enjoyed 15 percent growth year-on-year across the United States thanks to its dedication to product development and manufacturing innovation. Ahmed Tea holds around two percent of the global market share and has over 1,000 employees worldwide.

Building on global retail sales of $300 million per annum, Ahmad Tea will be further enhancing its operations through state-of-the-art manufacturing, sales and distribution expansion, and product development to achieve its latest goals.

Ahmad Tea products are already stocked in some of the biggest US food retailers, including Whole Foods and Giant Food Stores, as well as in many independent retail chains. This will only increase as the company makes a larger mark on the nation. 


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