May 19, 2020

Amazon brings 800 new jobs to Austin with tech hub expansion

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Amazon brings 800 new jobs to Austin with tech hub expansion

Amazon announced this week its plans to invest further in the state of Texas with a planned expansion to its Austin tech hub that will create an additional 800 jobs in the region. The announcement continues a trend of Amazon’s investment in the Lone Star State. Since 2011, the e-commerce giant has invested over US$7bn in the state, including infrastructure and compensation, and created over 22,000 jobs.

“In the last four years, we have created more than a 1,000 jobs in Austin,” said Terry Leeper, General Manager of Amazon’s Austin Tech Hub. “With a strong pool of technical talent in Austin and a dynamic quality of life, we are excited to continue to expand and create more opportunity in this vibrant city.”

The 800 new jobs at the Austin tech hub will center around the fields of software and hardware engineering, research science, and cloud computing. Austin tech hub’s teams primarily focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Business, Amazondevices, video game design, and advertising. To accommodate the additional job creation in Austin, Amazon will expand into a new 145,000 square foot office in The Domain, opening in 2020.


“The state of Texas has cultivated a strong and vibrant business environment, leading to more jobs and greater innovation,” said Governor Abbott. “With today’s announcement and continued investment in the technology sector, Texas will continue to chart a path toward greater economic prosperity.”

“We are pleased to see Amazon’s significant investment in the Austin region continue to grow,” said Gary Farmer, Opportunity Austin Chair, Austin Chamber of Commerce. “This expanding presence is indicative of our region’s ability to provide creative and innovative talent. We’re proud to call Amazon a partner in our efforts to achieve regional prosperity.”

Amazon’s Austin Tech Hub is one of the company’s 17 North American Tech Hubs – a network of development centers in addition to Amazon’s Seattle and Northern Virginia headquarters. Together, these Hubs have more than 20,000 employees, building new products and services for Amazon customers around the world.

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