Brooklin Consulting: Solutions-Driven Consulting

By Jack Grimshaw
Business Chief North America is taking an in-depth look at Brooklin Consulting, an industry-leading management consulting firm and a key partner of OTIP...

With more than 30 years of experience delivering best-in-class global consulting services, Brooklin Consulting has been helping its clients focus on productivity improvement, strategic implementation, and digital transformation for decades.

Working with its highly qualified, skilled team of experts, the organisation is adept at delivering and achieving measurable results that can improve the performance of a business both quickly, and effectively.

Brooklin has seen its clients receive return on investment rates of 3:1, or even better in a number of scenarios, with the end of the project usually seeing higher. 90% of its clients have also reported that they have achieved scheduled results, and 100% of its clients have agreed to be references in the future, a testament to the effectiveness of the Brooklin Consulting services and solutions.

As a key strategic partner to OTIP, Brooklin Consulting leads projects to execute strategy and improve productivity. With Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP), Brooklin Consulting has done exactly that - driven massively improved results when increasing productivity.

Michael Flemming, the VP of Brooklin Consulting, spoke to Business Chief North America on Brooklin Consulting’s partnership with OTIP. “We’re able to build trust, and work closely with every level of the organisation, which is the key to building solutions that drive the largest impact and are sustainable beyond the term of our engagement.”

Flemming continues, “Every single change, large and small, is developed with the front-line managers responsible for the area. We work through the development and testing of solutions, but most importantly, we see those changes through to implementation. The collaboration between consultants and operating managers ensures changes are not just theoretical, but drive improvements in the real world.”

OTIP’s EVP & CFO, Stacey Rous, also spoke to Business Chief North America about the partnership. “The team at Brooklin Consulting has supported OTIP through several improvement projects over the past two years, each resulting in a significant return on investment. Their methodology has helped us transform our management operating system, allowing for better analytics, faster decision making, and ultimately improved service to our members.”

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