Cisco: COVID-19 has changed the work environment

By Georgia Wilson
Leading American technology company - Cisco - reveals key insights into how COVID-19 has changed the future of work...

In the recent report commissioned by Cisco - titled ‘A New Perspective on the Modern Workplace’ - the company revealed six key forward looking lessons learned for IT and business leaders, as they look to return to office work. 

“While much has been written about the immediate pandemic-related challenges, it’s important to apply the lessons learned as many begin rolling out return to work strategies,” commented Cisco in a company statement.

The key lessons learned highlight particular changes in mindset, attitude, direction and behaviour following the impact of COVID-19.

Findings from Cisco’s ‘A New Perspective on the Modern Workplace’ report

74% of participants believe their business will emerge stronger

Whist 2020 so far has undoubtedly been one of the most challenging times, Cisco has reported that 74% of businesses agreed with the statement that: despite the challenges, businesses will emerge stronger in certain areas from the crisis.

“This optimism is indicative of the ingenuity and innovation organisations have shown. It has been incredible to see how many initiatives around digital transformation and other forms of modernisation scheduled for the medium to long-term, or deferred because of other competing priorities, have been accelerated,” noted Cisco.

Flexibility is here to stay and will benefit both organisations and employees

Cisco also reported within its research that 49% of respondents believe flexible working will continue, as well as when it comes to hiring 50% believe that increased remote working will build a more inclusive and extended talent pool.

“Businesses are realising that work can happen anywhere, productivity isn’t lost, and an expanded talent pool will enable stronger and more capable work teams,” said Cisco.

Increased emphasis on employee wellbeing and work-life balance

87% of respondents have highlighted that as a result of the pandemic, there has been an increased emphasis on employee wellbeing and work-life balance. Of the 87%, 47% believe this will continue in the long term.

“Study participants said they viewed the pandemic as a catalyst for major change. This newfound focus and priority on health and wellbeing is a silver-lining during what is otherwise a sobering period of time.”

Key comments made by participants of the report include:

  • Highlighting the importance of empathy and how it has increased since the outbreak
  • Detailing the challenges when it comes to balancing comfort, kindness and understanding with getting result
  • Witnessing an increased emphasis on individual health and mindfulness

“From a business agility and resiliency perspective, it’s important that we learn and adapt quickly from this experience,” said Aruna Ravichandran, VP of Marketing, Cisco’s Collaboration Group. “You never know when you’ll need to pivot, and we’ve seen that technology like Webex is playing a key role.”

To find out more and to read the ‘A New Perspective on the Modern Workplace’ report by Cisco, Click here!

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