eBay Canada Searches For Canada's Successful Entrepreneurs

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The July edition of The Business Review Canada is now live!

Today, eBay Canada announced to sellers that it launched its 9th annual CanadaEntrepreneur of the Year Awards. The program is intended to highlight successful and innovative e-commerce in Canada, aiming to emphasis a growing entrepreneurial market. In addition to this highly-coveted award, eBay Canada will also crown winners in two additional categories: Young-preneur and Home-preneur of the Year.

“More and more Canadians are buying goods online and supporting a new wave of Canadian business,” said Andrea Stairs, country director for eBay Canada. “eBay is looking for examples of great Canadian entrepreneurial innovation and creativity, and by showcasing this year’s winners, we hope to inspire more Canadians to start selling online.”

A Canadian sold an item roughly every 2 seconds on eBay Canada in 2012, proving that eBay – the world’s largest online marketplace – is changing the way Canadians shop by connecting sellers to millions of buyers across the country and around the world. eBay continues to support sellers in the world of online commerce and the Canadian economy overall by facilitating billions of dollars worth of online transactions.

This year sellers can win in the following categories:

Entrepreneur of the Year Award:

The highly sought-after prize will be awarded to a seller who has built a successful online business. The 2013 winner will exemplify eBay sellers who, in the face of challenges, have achieved their business goals by not only understanding their market, but also delighting their customers.

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Young-preneur of the Year Award:

This year’s Young-preneur winner, under the age of 29, will have overcome challenges faced as a first-time eBay seller due to their limited experience. The entrepreneurially spirited winner will have built their model eBay business through combined social media know-how and innovative business practices.

NEW!  Home-preneur of the Year Award:

As the world’s largest online marketplace, eBay provides Canadian sellers the opportunity to sell anywhere, anytime, including from the comfort of their own home. This award will recognize a seller who does just that by managing and operating a seamless eBay business that sells to buyers near and far all while utilizing home resources and family member contributions.

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