Gartner labels Freshworks a visionary in CRM software

By William Girling
Customer engagement software specialist Freshworks has been dubbed a visionary company by Gartner for its outstanding services...

Customer engagement software specialist Freshworks has been dubbed a visionary company by Gartner for its outstanding services.

Announced as part of the latter’s ‘2020 Magic Quadrant for CRM Customer Engagement Center’ report, Freshworks emerged as the only company to receive such acclaim, with its cloud-based Freshworks Omnichannel service receiving praise during evaluation.

“We think our recognition in the Gartner report validates Freshdesk Omnichannel’s vision to enable digital transformation by providing a unified view of customer interactions across all channels We also think that the report underscores our success with larger enterprises,“ said Pradeep Rathinam, Chief Customer Officer at Freshworks.

Accelerating next-gen customer service

Designed to drive both operator productivity and enable an easy, intuitive and seamless customer service experience, the Freshdesk Omniplatform has a growing client base of 30,000 globally.

Noting the company’s innovative use of AI within its software, Gartner hailed the design as ahead of the curve, stating that “by 2025, customer service organisations that embed AI in their multichannel customer engagement platforms will elevate operational efficiency by 25%.”

Citing its usage of chatbots to enable a more fluid and significantly faster customer experience, Freshworks emphasised that its success comes down to a combination of tech and human prowess.

Prakash Ramamurthy, Chief Product Officer, added that maintaining a culture of innovation would be crucial for the company moving forward:

“We believe our recognition in the Visionaries quadrant underscores how we continue to innovate so that businesses can leverage our AI and ML capabilities to reduce response times while enabling agents to handle complex support issues — increasing brand loyalty and trust, which has never been more crucial.

“Through our strategic acquisitions of AnsweriQ Inc. and Natero Inc., we’ve added greater artificial intelligence capabilities that expand our usefulness to mid-market and enterprise customers. As a result, large-scale Freshdesk Omnichannel deployments have grown to almost 50% of Freshdesk’s current revenue.”


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