May 19, 2020

Google to release Work Insights for employers to monitor use of productivity apps

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Google to release Work Insights for employers to monitor use of productivity apps
Google has announced a new tool for employers to monitors staff usage of G Suite apps to help identify possible training areas and levels of collaboration between colleagues
G Suite includes a variety of productivity apps, including Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, akin to Microsoft Office 365’s Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively.
The introduction of Work Insights brings G Suite closer to Office 365 and its own Workplace Analytics tools.
Google said that the facility will enable employers to assess how effectively the apps are being used by their employees.
Data will be aggregated between teams of 10 people or more, offering an opportunity for employers to see how these teams interact with each other in their organizations.
Trends in file sharing and use of Google Hangouts, a text and video chat facility included in G Suite, are examples of the data Work Insights will provide.
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“Work Insights is a tool built specifically to help businesses measure and understand the impact of digital transformation within their organizations, driven by G Suite” said Reena Nadkarni, a G Suite group product manager.
Office 365 has a firm hold on the market, with CNBC noting that Microsoft “reported 135 million commercial active users of Office 365” in its latest quarterly earnings report.
Meanwhile, Google announced in February that G Suite “had 4 million paying customers”.
Work Insights is currently only available in beta, with the complete version due in the near future.

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