May 19, 2020

Kinderlime launches AI software to assist schools

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Kinderlime launches AI software to assist schools
Santa Clara-based Kinderlime has launched its new IntelliData solution to enable AI and machine learning-based management of schools
The leading provider of childcare management solutions, specializing in apps that mitigate separation anxiety for parents via photo and video sharing, Kinderlime’s mission is to accelerate the digital transformation of early education for the betterment of schools, parents, and carers.
IntelliData is the first instance of AI technology in a childcare management solution, and has been designed to drastically cut time and money spent on administrative tasks found in childcare.
In its press release, Kinderlime said:
“Childcare administrators struggle with making key decisions on staffing and understanding enrollment gaps in their programs.
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“There are significant cost escalations because of unplanned staffing and missed revenue opportunities for upcoming vacancies in enrollment. Kinderlime now will solve some of these big problems for them with the use of AI/Machine Learning.”
Beta testing of the technology has been positive, with schools incorporating ‘Ratio Monitoring’ and IntelliData’s insights to optimize efficient staff deployment.
An executive director of one such school, Neighborhood Christian Center, said, “It’s a game changer, and is going to help us save thousands of dollars.”
"We are excited about what the future holds for the childcare market with our technology leadership through IntelliData," said Akash Bansal, CEO of Kinderlime.

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