May 19, 2020

Tim Hortons Introduces New Coffee Cup Sizes

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Tim Hortons Introduces New Coffee Cup Sizes


Tested last August in two locations, Tim Hortons brought to customers yesterday new coffee cup sizes that provide better value for their loonie. Adding a new Extra Large size that reaches a full 24 ounces, all other coffee cup sizes names have been shifted.

Tim Hortons 8 ounce cup has not gone anywhere. Previously suggesting its elimination, Tim Hortons kept its 8 ounce coffee size due to consumer feedback. Consumers will still continue to enjoy their 8 ounces of coffee but will have to order it under its new label extra small.

Tim Hortons has also changed other coffee cup sizes labels. Changing its medium 10 ounce label to small and shifting labels likewise throughout its other cup sizes, Tim Hortons coffee cup prices will stay the same while providing consumers with more coffee.



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"We tested the names of the new hot cup sizes with our guests and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our guests also told us that they love our small eight-ounce cup, so we will continue to offer that size," said Dave McKay, Director of Brand Marketing for Beverages, Tim Hortons. "By shifting the sizes, we're able to provide coffee lovers with a full range of five size options: from extra small, all the way up to the new extra large."

This additional coffee offering by Tim Hortons may be a direct move to stay up-to-date with consumer demand. As Starbucks added its own new Trenta 31 ounce size in 2011, it seems consumers have a need for more caffeine. Overall, it’s clear, Canadians will definitely have more caffeinated mornings from here on out. 

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