May 19, 2020

Tim Hortons to Offer Espresso for $2

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Tim Hortons to Offer Espresso for $2


Tim Hortons announced Wednesday the launch of new specialty coffees at 2,500 stores across Canada. Offering lattes, mocha lattes, and cappuccinos made with premium espresso, the new Tim Hortons menu offerings will cost $2.

Suggested as the largest new specialty coffee introduction ever in Canada, Tim Hortons is offering these drinks to its customers in nearly 3,000 locations in Canada and the US. Tim Hortons says these lattes and cappuccinos will complement Tim’s Cafe Favourites, already superb offerings.

As Tim Hortons believes an exceptional latte starts with good espresso, Tim Hortons espresso is blended and roasted from 100 per cent Arabica beans. These espresso based lattes will give customers a wider selection when it comes to their coffee.

"We carefully explored lattes for some time," said Paul House, Executive Chairman, President and CEO, Tim Hortons. "The unique blends we've developed deliver a rich, creamy drink, consistently and fast. With nearly half a century of coffee experience, we've learned how to produce premium coffee, consistently, at value prices."



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Serving every eight out of ten cups of coffee in Canada, Tim Hortons is a leader in the retail coffee industry. In a move that was deemed as a natural extension from its popular Tim’s Cafe Favourites specialty coffees, Tim Hortons introduction of these lattes will bring the company further into the premium coffee market.

"We're also helping introduce high-quality lattes at a value price to people outside larger cities," said House. "A good latte isn't easily available in many communities. Now, anyone can enjoy a delicious latte in one of our thousands of locations, or grab one in a drive through window, any time of day."

The new specialty drinks will be available in Ontario starting November 14th, while the rest of the country  and the US will be able to get their hands on them in mid-December.

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