May 19, 2020

Tim Hortons to Test New Coffee Cup Sizes

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Tim Hortons to Test New Coffee Cup Sizes


Starting yesterday, Tim Hortons is testing out a new coffee cup size lineup. Removing size small and adding an extra large, avid coffee drinkers will get more coffee in their Tim Horton’s order in Kingston and Susbury, Ontario.

All cup size names at these test locations will change, the medium 10 ounce will now be labelled as small and so forth, with prices staying the same. In Sudsbury specifically, the small is being taken away completely. For those who need more, Tim Horton’s new 24 ounce extra large should more than satisfy.



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This coffee cup size change from Tim Hortons is being speculated as a response to competitor Starbuck’s introduction of its 31 ounce Trenta earlier this year. Additionally, Tim Horton’s locations in the US are already on a larger scale, currently only offering three coffee sizes that include medium, large and extra large.

As this is a test in these markets, there is no definitive test timeline and even more, this test does not mean it will become an official change for all Tim Hortons locations. As customers test out the new sizes, it will be interesting to see what Tim Horton’s will do with customer feedback.

So the question is, do Canadians really need more coffee for their money? Will a 24 ounce make mornings easier? Tim Horton’s consumers in Sudsbury and Kingston will know soon enough. 

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