ABB: Making Operations And Asset Optimisation Easy

By Jack Grimshaw
ABB was recently recognised as a crucial partner in our profile of McDermott International. We’re taking a closer look at how and why here...

In the increasingly testing and trying modern business environment, every angle must be covered by companies as they look to address and tackle challenges head-on. Improving the use and implementation of data is essential to dealing with these challenges with more efficiency and speed - the only difficult part is deciding which data is important and usable.

As an industry leader and front-runner of the companies delivering digital technologies to their customers who are seeking improved operations, ABB has developed and provides the ABB Ability Genix Industrial Analytics and AI Suite.

The suite gathers data from distributed control systems and devices, and then combines this with insights and data from other systems to provide multi-dimensional analytics, capable of assisting in increased production, the optimisation of assets, and the streamlining of business operations and processes.

Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, businesses can implement the Genix platform and create both predictive and prescriptive actions, which can be used to improve processes. With applications that are easy to use and adopt, the ABB Genix service is readily available and capable of transforming the way a business solves the challenges it faces.

The mutual strategic business relationship between ABB and McDermott has been crucial to success for the companies both individually, and working together. The combination of an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) with a leading technology provider has created a great opportunity for both companies as they look to support customers.

To complete a digitisation journey in partnership with another company, there needs to be a great amount of trust. This is what ABB and McDermott have. With noticeably similar outlooks and values, paired with a mutual understanding of the importance of what each company brings to the collaboration, ABB and McDermott create the perfect partnership and project, capable of delivering great value to one another and to clients.

The future is looking promising for the partnership, with an active process in place to improve how the companies build solutions together. These improved solutions will actively drive better lifecycle value for customers, from the design stage right through to roll-out of operations and the continuous maintenance and improvement of the solutions.

The current state of the industry, with disruptions from the COVID-19 outbreak impacting all business, means that collaborative work is more important than ever. By working so well together, ABB and McDermott are leading by example, creating more sustainable, safer, and smarter operations for customers around the globe.


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