Smart mobile app marketing strategies to grow your brand

By Emre Fadillioglu, Co-founder and CEO, Storyly
As the mobile app economy continues to grow, Emre Fadillioglu, CEO of Storyly, outlines the smart marketing strategies to position your brand for growth

2022 was a year of post-covid reemergence and rebound, as well as a year of challenges and disruptions, leading many to wonder how to plan for the year ahead. The mobile app economy continues to grow, with 37 billion apps downloaded in the first quarter of the past year, 11% more than in 2021, but it can be difficult to judge the longevity of these apps as retention rates can drop to 21% in just 24 hours.

With major shifts in privacy regulations ahead, rising user acquisition costs, and many marketing teams working with smaller budgets, it’s all too easy to get bogged down in the challenges of doing more with less. But there are ways to thrive in uncertain times.

Zero Party Data: elegant solution to the personalisation vs privacy conundrum

76% of consumers have stated that personalised communications are vital when considering a brand, but a similar percentage also expressed concerns about their data security. The implied conundrum of providing a personalised experience without compromising privacy has raised marketers' concerns, but zero-party data provides an elegant solution.

Zero-party data, meaning information that users actively share with brands they feel connected to, is not only more reliable than third-party data, but it strengthens the relationship investment between brands and their customers. In other words, don’t make users share their data; let them! At Storyly, we’ve found that interactive Story quizzes and polls can have response rates up to 46%, showing that users love sharing their opinions and preferences.

Gamification: fun is powerful motivation

Adding gamified elements to the user experience is a solid strategy to increase app stickiness and keep your customers coming back for more. We’ve seen partners have great success with creating gamified onboarding flows with progress bars and achievements, designing scavenger hunts that combine online and offline experiences, rewarding engagement milestones, and more. One of the exciting things about gamification is that the only limit is a marketing team’s imagination; there are so many ways to give users fun challenges and exciting rewards.

Inspiration: become proactive in generating demand

Mobile shoppers don’t always start with a shopping list, in fact, the linear search-find-buy path is rarely the most successful for brands or their customers. When users turn to their phones (and they do so 300+ times a day), they’re not looking for a specific product so much as an experience that offers distraction, entertainment, connection, or convenience. Therefore, marketing strategies need to focus on discovery as much as, if not more, search engine optimization.

Don’t passively wait for customers to find you, get out there and inspire them! Remember, social media is one of the main channels for discovery. But why leave it all to social platforms? Using mobile-native content formats like Stories that excel at capturing user attention and creating a frictionless path to conversion can help generate demand in your own digital store.

User-Generated Content: from customers to community

Humans are hardwired for connection, so it’s no surprise that when we look at the digital landscape, the most successful apps and brands include an element of community building. From social media to dating apps to C2C marketplaces and niche-interest outlets, it’s clear that users aren’t content on the sidelines when they can be part of the action instead! Adding or amplifying a social layer with in-app communities and integrating user-generated content will have a strong return on investment.

Short Form Video: the medium is the message

While “the medium is the message” may be cliche in marketing, it’s also fundamentally true, and short-form video is the medium of modern digital communication. With the average consideration span decreasing, short-form video content is becoming increasingly important in connecting with users. In fact, big-name apps across industries, from streaming services to ride shares, are already incorporating short videos into their content strategies.

Sustainability: focus on the future

Younger shoppers care as much about the quality of products as they do about how they are made and their effect on the environment. Per Rakuten, 69% of shoppers between ages 18-34 view sustainability (shopping second-hand or from eco-conscious brands) as a relevant factor when making purchasing decisions. Gen Z also cares deeply about aligning ethically with the companies they support, so it makes sense to put your brand’s values and commitments front and center to help those in the consideration stage feel good about making a purchase.

Forecasting in 2023

Speaking of the future, it’s vital to ensure that your business model can adapt as necessary to changes in the marketplace. There’s no shortcut to creating meaningful relationships and connections with your customers, but the value of doing so is clear: listening to your audience, observing cultural and economic shifts, and responding with an agile content and product strategy will always be smart moves.

As Marc-Antoine Hager, SEA Regional Vice President, Sales at CleverTap puts it, “Keeping your core customers close and monitoring the trends happening in real-time will allow responsiveness and agility in a market full of uncertainty. Retaining your existing customers will be key to navigating through times that are difficult to decipher.”

By utilising smart strategies, your team can focus on creating consumer experiences that earn higher retention rates and position your brand for growth no matter what 2023 has in store.

The full Storyly 2023 Mobile Marketing Forecast eBook, with more insights and inspiration, is available here.








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