May 19, 2020

Telus Brings Back Clearnet as Low Cost Mobile Service Provider

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Telus Brings Back Clearnet as Low Cost Mobile Service Provider

Written BY: Kristin Craik

Telus Corporation returns to an old brand to launch its flat rate mobile phone service. Clearnet, bought a decade ago by Telus, is resurrected to act as a secondary brand.

Telus, the Vancouver based service provider, will revive Clearnet and release it as a cheaper mobile phone alternative in British Columbia and Alberta. The new service will offer unlimited text and talk services on two low priced plans at either $45 or $55 a month.

This new Telus service launch is to compete within the still developing mobile phone service market. Competition is heavy with companies like Wind Mobile, Mobilicity, and Public Mobile offering extremely cheap unlimited talk and text plans. Other large corporate brands, like Rogers and Bell Mobility, have already jumped on the band wagon to try to reach the spectrum of mobile phone users. Large corporations offering lower cost alternatives are shaking up the cell phone service market by preventing smaller company growth.


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This move also shows a decision change for Telus. Last August the company stated that it had no plans to follow Rogers or Bell toward acquiring low cost mobile phone service customers. This was because these customers tend to generate lower month revenues than current Telus full service customers.

Clearnet’s resurrection and its new service offerings are similar to Telus’s already low-cost brands Koodo and Telus Mobility. The new Clearnet service will not require a contract, will run on a 4G network and will have a data add-on ability in the near future.

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