May 19, 2020

Wantman Group acquires Texas engineering consultancy Big Red Dog

Big Red Dog
Wantman Group Inc
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Wantman Group acquires Texas engineering consultancy Big Red Dog

WGI (Wantman Group Inc), a Florida-based national engineering and construction consultancy specializing in infrastructure services, has acquired Big Red Dog Inc, an Austin-based engineering firm, according to a report by the Statesman.

Big Red Dog is one of the fastest-growing companies in central Texas, with 100% revenue growth over the past five years. The purchase represents the fourth acquisition by WGI in four years and will allow the company to expand its footprint in Texas.

WGI currently employs 450 associates, with plans to hire Big Red Dog’s 110 associates along with additional expansion plans, bringing the company’s total staff to over 600 by mid-2019, the Statesman report predicts.


Big Red Dog CEO, Will Schnier said in a press release that “We’ve been watching WGI from afar with great admiration for several years. For the past five years we’ve both been among the fastest-growing firms in the industry. By combining forces and creating a national footprint, we expect to create a lot of opportunities for our clients and our team members, and ultimately for our communities.”

“The acquisition was strategic with the Florida and Texas markets sharing many similarities in the business environment,” WGI CEO David Wantman told the Statesman. “Both states continue to show strong growth, have a diverse economy, and have pent-up infrastructure demands… The goal is to simplify delivery for our clients by providing a very comprehensive suite of services —all from a single firm (under one roof).”

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