Digital Strategy Articles

Technology sector rocked by latest wave of layoffs

Amazon the latest to announce sweeping job cuts, mainly impacting employees in the advertising, AWS, PXT Solutions and Twitch livestreaming departments

Generative AI battle hots up between Microsoft, Google, Meta

Microsoft announces ChatGPT-4 from OpenAI for Bing and Azure as it goes head-to-head with search engine giant Google and cloud king AWS for domination


Top 10 cybersecurity specialists in the US

As cyber attacks grow in frequency and become increasingly sophisticated, Business Chief looks at the top 10 cybersecurity specialists in the US.

Firms to increase cybersecurity spend despite uncertainty

For its 2023 State of Cybersecurity report, Arctic Wolf spoke to more than 700 senior IT employees based in nations including the US, Canada and the UK

Apple tops Fortune's 'most admired' list for 16th year

Apple finishes top of Fortune's annual list for the 16th consecutive year, while other tech giants including Amazon and Microsoft also perform well

Women being shut out of Web3 companies, finds BCG study

BCG X and People of Crypto Lab partnered to analyse the gender diversity of founders and investors involved in Web3 using data from Crunchbase

Why having an effective data management strategy matters

While every business likes to claim it is ‘data-driven’, too often that’s not how it works – which is where an effective data management strategy comes in

Accenture report: Reinventing companies are best performers

Accenture has coined the phrase 'Total Enterprise Reinvention' to describe attempts from business leaders to adopt a continuous strategy of change