TELUS: From traditional telco to world-leading tech org

TELUS' leadership team deep dives into how its workforce is helping create the revolutionary technology company of the future

It’s safe to say the modern world of telecommunications has evolved by leaps and bounds as the decades have passed, with strides made in technology bringing true what would have once been deemed impossible. The telcos of years gone by have evolved and grown from humble beginnings offering traditional landline services - transitioning, evolving and growing to become multifaceted digital communication leaders. 

While acknowledging the remarkable success and ongoing progression, a relentless pursuit of smoother and more efficient communication methods is propelling the industry towards an exciting and revolutionary future.

Over the years, TELUS has established itself as a dynamic, world-leading communications technology company and it remains laser-focused on continuing its journey of evolution and growth as a global technology powerhouse, enabling its 18m customers, as well as its team members, to be part of a more conscious and better-connected world.

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