Corporate Finance Articles

Technology sector rocked by latest wave of layoffs

Amazon the latest to announce sweeping job cuts, mainly impacting employees in the advertising, AWS, PXT Solutions and Twitch livestreaming departments

Generative AI battle hots up between Microsoft, Google, Meta

Microsoft announces ChatGPT-4 from OpenAI for Bing and Azure as it goes head-to-head with search engine giant Google and cloud king AWS for domination


Top 10 cybersecurity specialists in the US

As cyber attacks grow in frequency and become increasingly sophisticated, Business Chief looks at the top 10 cybersecurity specialists in the US.

Interview: CFO Daniel Jang on being bold during a recession

Having experienced prior economic downturns, Daniel Jang, CFO of CommentSold, shares his strategy for success – be decisive, bold, and have bias for action


Silicon Valley Bank collapse: How did we get here?

US authorities have stepped in to protect all Silicon Valley Bank customers following the second-largest bank failure in the country's history

Trouble at Silicon Valley Bank as shares plummet

Shares in SVB plunged after the banking heavyweight announced it had sold almost 80% of its AFS portfolio for US$21 billion – taking a US$1.8bn hit

Snowflake reports Q4 results as AWS partnership expands

Snowflake’s spend on AWS is now set to reach US$2.5bn, with both companies jointly contributing millions of dollars to support go-to-market efforts

After boom of Covid years, what do Zoom's 2022 results mean?

Zoom grew considerably during the Covid-dominated years of 2020 and 2021, as millions switched to remote working and stayed in touch with loved ones