Corporate Finance Articles

How generative AI is accelerating change in the workplace

The number of LinkedIn job posts mentioning AI or GenAI has more than doubled globally over the past couple of years and has almost tripled in the US


Possibilities endless as generative AI takes centre stage

Generative AI is already playing a pivotal role in the way companies are run; the only question is how quickly it can be integrated into everyday tasks

Temenos outlines challenges and opportunities facing banking

A new report from Temenos finds payment companies, technology and e-commerce disruptors are competing against banks with embedded finance solutions

Designit: An innovation company with creativity at its core

Founded in Denmark back in 1991, Designit creates bespoke solutions to the complex problems being experienced by clients including BMW and Microsoft

Ivanti: How GenAI is impacting employee satisfaction

Despite recognising the productivity benefits of AI, a significant proportion of IT workers remain fearful of the impact it could have on their jobs

These are the world’s best cities for a career in tech

Three US cities – Washington, D.C., New York and Dallas – are among the best in the world when it comes to forging a successful career in technology

Why are so many young Americans worried about generative AI?

Generative AI may seem groundbreaking and exciting to some, but to others it represents an existential threat to the way our society functions

IBM to train 2 million in AI in three years

IBM has committed to train two million in AI within three years as part of education collaborations, with a focus on underrepresented communities