Sustainability Articles

Mitigate greenwashing risk with internal audit, says Gartner

As ESG grows, so does scrutiny from consumers, investors, regulators and employees. Gartner reveals how firms can identify and mitigate greenwashing risks

NTT unveils industry’s first full-stack SaaS offering

NTT launches industry’s first full-stack Sustainability as a Service offering, as industries look for effective ways to make good on their net-zero goals

B Corp businesses achieving sustainability firsts in 2022

Fifteen years after launching, B Corp continues to churn out certification firsts – discover how these six newly-certified B Corp firsts became certified

Deloitte US pledges US$1.5bn to create an equitable society

Through this 10-year commitment, Deloitte will work with leaders, firms and communities to help build pathways for social mobility and economic prosperity

Are ESG strategies a priority amid economic volatility?

Amid economic uncertainty, should ESG strategies be shelved, or should boards focus on it, asks John Harte, Managing Partner, Integrity Governance

Lightyear 0 – the world's most sustainable solar-powered car

Powered by the sun and made from reclaimed carbon and plant-based leather, Lightyear 0 is the world’s first solar car and arguably the most sustainable

Artificial Intelligence – a strategy playbook for leaders

Artificial Intelligence specialists from PwC and Infosys share their AI Strategy Playbook advice for global business leaders to leverage tech opportunity


Trailblazer: Shanique Bonelli-Moore, DEI chief at Clorox

Shanique Bonelli-Moore tells Business Chief how she is using her social impact experience to take The Clorox Company’s DEI efforts to even greater heights