May 19, 2020

Canada's cellphone rates among highest in G7 and Australia

Canada cellphone rates
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Canada's cellphone rates among highest in G7 and Australia

Canadians fork out the most for wireless services in the G7 and Australia, a study commissioned by the CRTC revealed on Thursday.

The study found that Canadians wanting 150 minutes of monthly mobile service spent more than customers in every country in G7 and Australia.

Canadians fared slightly better in the international comparison when they needed more service (450 minutes of wireless service and 300 text messages). Canadians paid an average of $48.77 a month for that level of service. In comparison, Americans paid an average of $51.64, Japanese consumers paid one cent more than Canadians and French wireless customers paid the least at $24.17.

At each of four other levels of higher-service options, Canadians were paying the second-highest price among the eight countries in the study. The UK was paid the least.         

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