Canada's Top Lawyers

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Whether protecting people or corporations, these lawyers are widely known to be at the top of their industry. Business Review Canada will take an up close and personal look at the top four most prestigious lawyers across Canada. See what ranks them at the top of their game whether it is their education, record or belief in whom they represent.  

James Lockyer

Partner, Lockyer Campbell Posner


A lawyer and prominent social justice activist in Canada, James Lockyer is well-known in the industry. Involved in exposing more than ten wrongful convictions in Canada, Lockyer is the founding director of the Association in Defense of the Wrongly Convicted. Lockyer specifically helped Guy Paul Morin, a man wrongly convicted of murder and rape in 1992. The case is potentially Lockyer’s largest impact on the justice system as Morin’s exoneration led to a public inquiry on how to avoid future wrongful convictions. Earning his law degree at McGill University, Lockyer also taught law at his alma matter and at the University of Windsor until 1977 when he went into private practice as a criminal lawyer.

Brian Greenspan

Partner, Greenspan Humphrey Lavine


Brian Greenspan is one of the most famous and well-regarded defense lawyers in Canada. His record in trial and appellate law as well as his representation of several high-profile clients, such as Naomi Campbell, ranks him at the top of the industry. For Greenspan, law runs in the family. His brother Eddie Greenspan is also a well-known criminal lawyer. Fortunately, Greenspan also has the knowledge to back his experience. A graduate of the University of Toronto, the Osgood Hall Law School at York University and the London School of Economics, Greenspan is currently the Senior partner at Greenspan, Humphrey, Lavin and has established himself as a successful criminal lawyer that will take on high-profile cases that may seem daunting to other attorneys.

Joseph Arvay

Partner, Arvay Finlay


Known as one of Canada’s leading litigators, Joseph Arvay specializes in civil litigation with an emphasis on constitutional and administrative law matters. Arvay’s wealth of knowledge about law comes from his law degrees earned at the University of Western Ontario Law School and Harvard Law School. Arvay has been involved on a number of aboriginal rights litigation cases as well as medical malpractice, class action, commercial litigation and defamation cases. Additionally, Arvay has served as the general counsel for the British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General. Arguing at every level of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada, Arvay’s representation has brought him into several high-profile cases.


David Allgood

Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Royal Bank of Canada


Joining Royal Bank of Canada in August of 1998, David Allgood was promoted to Executive Vice President and General Counsel in 2000. Working with the largest financial institution in the country, Allgood has become a leader in the value-billing initiative in Canada and has enhanced in-house counsel expectations across the nation. Known for his taxation and income tax aspects of corporate finance expertise, Allgood previously was a partner at the Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt firm. Director of the Association of Corporate Counsel, chair of the Dean’s Advisory Committee for Queen’s Law School and Vice-Chair and Treasurer of Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, Allgood uses his knowledge to the benefit of many.

As you can see, these lawyers are known for their expertise in matters of justice. No matter their representation of corporations, celebrities or the wrongfully convicted, these attorneys’ presence in court brings them to the forefront of law in Canada.


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