May 19, 2020

Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Women

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Connie Goller
The Golleher Group
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Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Women


Written by: Connie Golleher


Should women business owners be responsible for showing other women how to access opportunities to build businesses and become entrepreneurs?  Women are increasing bonding to share their experiences and ideas about building businesses.  For all women who have already succeeded or are well on their way, is there an opportunity for them to mentor other women?  The answer is YES!

If women show other women how to succeed, or access opportunities, then more women will be able to secure their financial security and independence.  Women have the ability to stimulate economic growth by networking and launching initiatives across the country just by educating, networking, and mentoring other women about their potential. There are many reasons why women are successful or could become successful as business owners.  Women and men differ when it comes to networking, marketing, and communication - being aware of some of those differences can help you succeed!

Here are some of the positives that women should be aware of and embrace when looking to start a business.

  • Women are compassionate, and this does NOT mean that they are pushovers or are incapable of being ruthless.  It does mean that they approach situations differently.
  •  Women are communicators, and are better at verbalizing what they think.  There is always a balance in business about how much is too much, and how much is needed to succeed.  Women have learned to move past self-doubt and have learned to “play the game”.
  • Women are perfectionists, which usually helps them when they start a new business venture.  The flip side of being a perfectionist is that you can’t move forward, build, or grow a business if you are constantly focused on perfection.

Studies show that women prefer to deal with women and they cite a number of reasons, the most compelling are that women are sincere, trustworthy, nurturing, and more detailed oriented. 

With many women leaving corporate America for freedom and flexibility, entrepreneurship is an opportunity for women to gain financial independence, balance, and success, especially when women are helping other women.


Connie Golleher, CLTC is an industry expert in disability and long term care insurance. Founder and CEO of The Golleher Group, she has more than 20 years of diverse experience in the life, disability, and long term care insurance industry, including extensive expertise in financial management and operations. Connie is President of Greater Washington Foundation of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Board Member at large for Love of Children in Washington, DC and Women Who Care in Montgomery County, MD. She can be reached at [email protected]

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