May 19, 2020

Government announces $53.2 million wastewater plant investment

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Premier of Manitoba
Brian Pallister
Mayor of Selkirk
Amy Wendel
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Government announces $53.2 million wastewater plant investment

The City of Selkirk and the Rural Municipality of Gimli have announced a $53.2 million project to build two new wastewater treatment plants.

The City of Selkirk will see its current wastewater treatment plant replaced and have the quality of the effluent that is discharged in Lake Winnipeg and the Red River. The overall reliability of the wastewater treatment system will be improved and the new facility will increase its capacity, to serve the City of Selkirk, St Andres and Lower Fort Garry. The Rural Municipality of Gimli will see a modernized and expanded wastewater treatment system that is built to improve the long term reliability and performance of the current wastewater treatment system. It will also help connect additional households in Gimli to the current wastewater system.

Premier of Manitoba, Brian Pallister commented: - "These projects will allow the City of Selkirk and the RM of Gimli to treat their wastewater to the highest quality nutrient removal and ensure the long term health of the Red River and Lake Winnipeg. Our Government is confident these investments will provide value for taxpayers and have a significant environmental impact in their communities."

Larry Johannson, Mayor of Selkirk, added: "Being good environmental stewards is a priority in the City of Selkirk's strategic plan and a new Waste Water Treatment Plant ensures the effluent discharged into the Red River is environmentally safe. The new plant is an infrastructure improvement that will build Selkirk's economy and sustain the environment at the same time."

Both of the projects are designed to improve the quality of effluent that is discharged back into the lake, preserving its quality and allowing future generations to enjoy it for many more years. 

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