Laval University to hold world’s first Zika vaccine test on humans

By awrara ra

The Infectious Disease Research Centre at Laval University (CRI) and the Research Centre of Quebec-Laval University Hospital (CHU) have announced the completion of a first in Canada study clinic on a vaccine against Zika.

"We are the first team in the world to have passed all stages of regulatory efficiency and safety and to obtain permission from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA: US Agency for Food and Drug Administration) and Health Canada development of the vaccine and we are very proud, "said Gary Kobinger, PhD in microbiology professor at the Faculty of medicine at Laval University, researcher at the University Hospital research Center, Director of CRI and world authority vaccine research.

Zika virus is transmitted mainly by mosquitoes. Although most infections are mild, it can still cause miscarriages or birth of babies with an abnormally small head (microcephaly), if the mother is infected during pregnancy.

"There is currently no treatment or vaccine against infection Zika virus. A first vaccine in development will be administered for the first time in humans in the context of this clinical study. This vaccine will be studied in three centers recognized worldwide, including ourselves, and Quebec-Laval University Hospital is very proud, "said Gertrude Bourdon, President and CEO of University Hospital.

"This study, under the supervision of Professor Gary Kobinger, demonstrates once again the dominant leadership of our establishment in research in the field of infectious diseases," said Rénald Bergeron, dean of the Faculty of Medicine of Université Laval .

The Infectious Disease Research Centre at Laval University is the only Canadian center to collaborate in this research, which also includes two centers in the United States. Under the direction of Gary Kobinger, Dr. Sylvie Trottier and his team will start in the coming days a large clinical trial to test a new vaccine against the virus Zika. The CRI is looking for adult volunteers, healthy, interested in participating in this study. Patient recruitment has already begun and will continue in the coming days. 

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