Making Canada's businesses and employees even healthier

By Adam Groff

When it comes to the healthy lifestyles and even healthier employees, businesses across Canada are promoting workplace wellness.

Whether it's through office health and wellness programs or healthy living newsletters, businesses are doing all they can to make sure their employees lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here are just a few ways businesses in Canada are encouraging employee health:

Healthiest Employers in Canada

Canadian employers know just how important it is to keep their employees healthy.

As result, many companies across Canada are providing health incentives to their employees to ensure workplace well-being.

Among them:

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada - As one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Canada, Toyota has thousands of employees. To promote health among its workforce, Toyota of Canada offers flexible health plans that extend into retirement. Likewise, the car manufacturer also offers employees healthy eating options in its cafeteria as well as an onsite fitness facility complete with free weights, cardio equipment, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

Nature's Path Foods - It's no surprise that a health food company encourages employee health. Nature's Path Foods not only has an organic vegetable garden onsite for all employees to enjoy, the company also gives employees impressive discounts on all of its health food products.

Nuance Communications - Montreal-based Nuance Communications offers its employees an annual wellness account as part of their healthcare coverage plans. The wellness account gives employees $500 to put toward personal health and well-being, such as gym memberships.

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Along with the examples above, there are many other ways to promote health in the workplace.

Healthy Snack Options

Office vending machines are synonymous with sugary, salty, unhealthy snacks, but not anymore.

As the following article looks at, in a Q&A with Healthy Cravings Program Director, Al Manning, Manning mentions the importance of promoting snacking options that are good for employees.

Healthy vending machines that feature nuts, dried fruits, and other high-protein options are the perfect way to encourage healthy eating in the workplace.

These vending machines give employees an energy boost that results in increased productivity.

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Exercise Breaks

Lunch breaks are one thing, but businesses in Canada can take health a step further by giving employees a little time to exercise.

Offering frequent exercise breaks alongside standard lunch breaks gives employees the opportunity to stretch their legs and raise their heart rates, which can help create a healthier work environment.

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Onsite Health Visits

Although many Canadian companies offer healthcare coverage to employees, sometimes there just isn't enough time in the workweek to make a visit to the doctor's office for a checkup. That's why a growing number of businesses are providing onsite health visits.

These health visits offer general health checkups as well as annual shots to employees while at the office. They can be completed during lunch breaks or any time during the workday. This gives employees more free time during the workweek, which is beneficial to general wellbeing.

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Thanks to some healthy initiatives, businesses across Canada are promoting a healthier workforce.

As a Canadian business owner, how are you promoting wellness in your company?

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About the Author: Adam Groff is a freelance writer and creator of content. He writes on a variety of topics including personal health and workplace wellness.

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