Order of Canada Recipients Announced

By Bizclik Editor


The Governor General of Canada announced the new appointees to the Order of Canada in late December. Announcing 66 new appointments, the Order of Canada  has a total of one new Companion, 28 Officers and 37 members added to this prestigious list.

Created in 1967 during Canada’s centennial year, The Order of Canada is awarded to those Canada recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement. One of Canada’s highest civilian honours, more than 5,000 Canadians have been invested into the Order.


The Right Honourable Paul Martin, P.C., C.C.



General Maurice Baril, O.C., C.M.M., M.S.M., C.D. (Ret'd) (Protective Service)

The Honourable James Karl Bartleman, O.C., O. Ont. (Public Service)

Aldo Albert Daniel Bensadoun (Industry/Commerce/Business)

Lieutenant-General Joseph Jacques Charles Bouchard, O.C., C.M.M., M.S.C., C.D. (Protective Service)

William Scott Bowman, O.C. (Sports)

Alain Dubuc, O.C. (Communications)

Robert R. Fowler, O.C. (Public Service)

Donald A. S. Fraser, O.C. (Science)

Gordon Guyatt, O.C. (Health Care)

General Rick J. Hillier, O.C., C.M.M., M.S.C., C.D. (Ret'd) (Protective Service)

P. Thomas (Tom) Jenkins, O.C. (Industry/Commerce/Business)

Hugh A. Krentz, O.C. (Engineering)

Bruce Kuwabara, O.C (Architecture)

The Honourable Kevin G. Lynch, P.C., O.C. (Public Service)

R. Peter MacKinnon, O.C. (Education)

James McEwen, O.C. (Engineering)

Stuart McLean, O.C. (Communications)

Jean-Jacques Nattiez, O.C., C.Q. (Arts/Music)

Charles Pachter, O.C. (Arts/Visual)

Catherine Robbin, O.C. (Arts/Music)

Seymour Schulich, O.C. (Philanthropy)

David W. Scott, O.C. (Law)

Jeffrey Skoll, O.C. (Philanthropy)

Calvin Ralph Stiller, O.C., O. Ont. (Health Care)

Yuli Turovsky, O.C., C.Q. (Arts/Music)

Brian Williams, O.C. (Communications)

Tim Wynne-Jones, O.C. (Arts/Writing)

Alvin Zipursky, O.C. (Health Care)



Miriam Adams, C.M. (Arts/Stage)

Archibald (Archie) Alleyne, C.M. (Arts/Music)

Cheryl Bartlett, C.M. (Education)

Hans-Ludwig Blohm, C.M. (Arts/Visual)

Margaret Bloodworth, C.M. (Public Service)

Lawrence S. Bloomberg, C.M., O. Ont. (Philanthropy)

Benoît Bouchard, C.M. (Politics)

France Chrétien Desmarais, C.M. (Voluntary Service)

Jocelyne Côté-O'Hara, C.M. (Industry/Commerce/Business)

Thomas (Tom) Dawe, C.M. (Arts/Writing)

Jean Deslauriers, C.M. (Health Care)

Daphne E. Dumont, C.M. (Law)

John T. Ferguson, C.M. (Industry/Commerce/Business)

Mary Ferguson-Paré, C.M. (Health Care)

Joella Foulds, C.M. (Arts/Music)

Mary Margaret Hetherington, C.M. (Law)

Noel Pattison James, C.M. (Science)

Ana Paula Lopes, C.M. (Voluntary Service)

Denis Losier, C.M. (Industry/Commerce/Business)

Leslie (Les) Manning, C.M. (Arts/Visual)

Michael Meaney, C.M., C.Q. (Social Sciences)

David Northcott, C.M., O.M. (Social Service)

Ratna Omidvar, C.M., O. Ont. (Social Service)

Aaju Peter, C.M. (Voluntary Service)

Samuel Pierre, C.M., C.Q. (Engineering)

Sean Riley, C.M. (Education)

Pierrette Robitaille, C.M. (Arts/Stage)

Nigel Rusted, C.M., O.N.L. (Health Care)

Kathleen (Kathy) Sendall, C.M. (Industry/Commerce/Business)

Louise Sicuro, C.M. (Arts)

Margaret Spoelstra, C.M. (Health Care)

Anita Stewart, C.M. (Communications)

Claude St-Laurent, C.M. (Communications)

Garnette Sutherland, C.M. (Health Care)

Donald J. Taylor, C.M. (Industry/Commerce/Business)

Maïr Verthuy, C.M. (Education)

Bernard Zinman, C.M. (Health Care)


On a personal note, Business Review Canada’s Senior Project Director’s Father, Tim Wynne-Jones, is one of the select few that were recently appointed.  


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