May 19, 2020

US Department of Defense appoints new CIO

Pouyan Broukhim
1 min
US Department of Defense appoints new CIO

The Pentagon has announced the appointment of JPMorgan’s former Chief Information Officer, Dana Deasy, as its new IT Lead.

“I'm pleased to announce that Mr Dana Deasy will serve as the Department of Defense chief information officer,” said Dana White, the Pentagon’s Chief Spokesperson.

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White revealed that Deasy will be responsible for the department’s information, communications and cybersecurity practices.

“Mr Deasy's extensive enterprise-level experience and leadership will ensure the department drives a culture of performance and maximizes the value of every taxpayer dollar entrusted to us,” White continued.

Deasy’s appointment comes amidst the Pentagon’s structural transformation that includes a multibillion bidding for the Department of Defense’s cloud services contract.

Having previously worked extensively with the Department of Defense, Amazon is the frontrunner to secure the contract, with interest also believed to be high amongst rivals Microsoft, Oracle and IBM.

Deasy will replace Essye Miller as CIO who has held the position on an interim basis following the departure of John Zangardi who has since been appointed as the CIO for the Department of Homeland Security.

White revealed in a statement that Deasy would be enrolled in the job sometime in May.

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