May 19, 2020

ConXtech highlights new technology at the Global Petroleum Show 2016

Global Petroleum Show 2016
Construction Technology
ConX modular pipe rack
Sumit Modi
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ConXtech highlights new technology at the Global Petroleum Show 2016

California-based construction technology company, ConXtech, has highlighted its ConX Modular Pipe Rack at the Global Petroleum Show 2016, held between June 7-9 at Stampede Park, Calgary. 

ConXtech and its ever-increasing network of certified fabricators leverage ConX standardized connectors and employ automated manufacturing technologies to deliver modular and typically brace-free structures. This tech-assisted approach speeds up design through construction, allowing industrial facilities to come online far earlier - by months or years - than conventional structural options.

A unique element of the ConX systems is that they require no field welding. A set of four mating steel connectors are welded onto wide flange beam ends and square columns in the factory. The beams are lowered and locked around the four sides of the column, resulting in a bi-axial moment 'collar'. This modular rack, comprised of ConX columns and beams, is easily transported and safety and rapidly assembled in the mod-yard or field.

The ConX connections create an inherently seismic, blast and progressive collapse-resistant structural chassis. Standardization streamlines structural design and analysis and enables material optimization. ConX is intuitive to assemble and ideal especially where there is a shortage of qualified and skilled labor.

Since it is based around a bolted connection, the system allows for future expansion and reconfiguration. Structural members and optional accessories can safely and easily be attached or removed as required. ConXtech has also developed foundation systems and assembly tools that ensure unprecedented accuracy and predictability.


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