May 19, 2020

Creston works with Amazon to bring Alexa to businesses

Amazon Alexa Creston
Catherine Rowell
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Creston works with Amazon to bring Alexa to businesses

Through an existing partnership with tech giant Amazon, Crestron aim to bring Alexa into business meetings and conferences, providing a new way in which Alexa will provide quality services both at home and within the corporate sphere. The company are also set to demonstrate Amazon Alexa in the meeting space next week at InfoComm 2017 in Orlando.

The technology will enable employees to start a meeting, from dialing in to the voice or video call, or pulling up presentation materials on-screen with one command. Meeting attendees will also be able to ask Alexa to adjust the room’s temperature and lighting, amongst many more features.

Crestron and Amazon have worked together for almost a year in the residential market, allowing homeowners to create custom scenes and settings to fit their lifestyle. Creston’s technologies are all manufactured in the US, proving advantageous with President Trump’s pledge to bring manufacturing and infrastructure works to the US.

“Meetings are a consistent source of frustration — if you can call a ride or order a pizza with the sound of your voice, why shouldn’t meetings work the same way?” said Dan Jackson, Director of Enterprise Technology at Crestron.

“We’ve vowed to make the experience seamless – and voice control is an important component in making that happen. We’re excited to continue our work with Amazon to make living and working easier.”

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