May 19, 2020

Google and Facebook to build the world's fastest internet cable

Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN)
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Google and Facebook
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Google and Facebook to build the world's fastest internet cable

Technology giants Facebook and Google are always striving to innovate and provide ground breaking solutions, providing significant investment with their various products or services. The duo will be collaborating in the construction of an 8,000-mile cable, which will be built under the sea in order to provide the most efficient internet connection speeds, linking Los Angeles and Hong Kong. The Pacific Light Cable Network (PLCN) is one of the many undersea cables which are in the pipeline to be built throughout the world.

Set to be built in collaboration with TE SubCom and Pacific Light Data Communication, the network sets the precedent for fellow companies to follow suit in the construction of undersea cables in order to cater for theincreased need to supply information and data for both every day and corporate users within lightning speed, providing effective security and increased reliability for impending projects. This, in effect, is a key need alongside an ever growing dependency for companies to provide world-class cloud computing and data systems to support growing infrastructures.

The 8,000-mile cable will have an approximate capacity of 120 terabits per second, catering for the level of increased traffic once the cable is fully operational.  

Mr. Wei Jun Kang, the chairman of PLDC said, “PLCN will be among the lowest-latency fibre optic routes between Hong Kong and the U.S. and the first to connect directly using ultra-high-capacity transmission.”

“It is certainly gratifying that global technology companies like Google and Facebook have become co-investors in PLCN. It is a strong signal that PLCN will be trusted to address the capacity needs for internet and international communications services throughout the Pacific Rim. We envision this deployment as the initial step in PLDC's construction of a global network.”

Set to launch in 2018, Facebook is also working in collaboration with Microsoft to deliver an undersea cable across the Atlantic in a significant investment project. Named the Marea cable, the project further raises the bar in providing effective security, speed, efficiency and reliability for networks, with increased planned speeds of 160 terabits per second.

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