Rogers Vs Bell Business Internet Services

By Bizclik Editor

When it comes to choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your business, figures and prices can get confusing. Bell and Rogers are the biggest names in the industry in Canada, but what do they specifically offer businesses? Business Review Canada has taken a closer look at the companies’ offerings, feedback and prices to make choosing between the two easier.


With Bell’s Business Internet, businesses can build custom Internet solution for their needs. Offering up to a 6 Mbps download speed, an upload speed as high as 800 Kbps, five email accounts with 1 GB of storage, wi-fi capabilities, up to 300 GB of data monthly and a domain name, Bell’s package includes a wide range of important services and costs companies $77.50 a month for the best service.

On the other side, many critics do not agree with Bell’s bandwidth caps. Much to the chagrin of many avid Internet downloaders, if  customers run over their allotted download amount (in which there is no warning), the customers are charged penalty fees. As this usually mainly affects consumers who stream video content and download large files, this may not be a huge issue for businesses.

Additionally, Bell has been under scrutiny lately. Fined $10 million for its misleading ads by the Competition Bureau, Bell was held accountable for its poor advertising practices. What were they doing wrong? The Competition Bureau concluded that since December 2007, Bell charged higher prices than advertised for many services. Even more, the advertised prices were unavailable as mandatory fees were hidden from consumers in the fine print of its ads. The company cooperated with the Competition Bureau in June 2011 and agreed to modify its non-compliant advertisements.

As a whole, Bell Canada has 50,000 employees and is based in Montreal. Its customer service line is open 24 hours a day and is run out of North American call centres. Even further, John Watson, Bell Canada’s Executive Vice President of Customer Operations, seems to be pretty accessible. His email is published publicly online ([email protected]) and many have had their issues with the company resolved through his help.


Roger’s Business Internet plans boast that it is a fast, reliable Internet solution for enterprises. Offering download speeds of up to 30 Mbps, an upload speed that can reach 2 Mbps, up to nine Rogers email accounts, static IP addresses, Roger Online Protection Business Edition, and 24/7 technical support, Rogers Business Internet has a lot of services in its ISP packages and costs companies $149.95 for the best Internet service.

Critics say that Roger’s monopoly on many areas leaves customers with no choice, something the company can potentially take advantage of. This paired with bad link redirects to their search portal and advertisements in webmail even though consumers pay for the service are seen as unethical promotion of their own business.

Based in Toronto, Rogers Communications Internet division employs 28,000. The company, in general, benefits the community in which it resides by donating one per cent of pre-tax earnings to charities each year. Customer service centres at Rogers are also open 24 hours and operate in North America.

Since it is almost impossible for a company to operate without Internet access these days, choosing between the two similar Canadian ISPs is not only tough, but important. A business must consider what services are most important to make the best choice. Whether price, speed or customer service matters most, each company has its own pros and cons, therefore research is crucial. The points in this article are important to keep in mind, but businesses can also utilize the Internet, friends and colleagues for valuable insight in their search.


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